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Here’s How To Remove Shows From Your Netflix ‘Continue Watching’ List

Netflix has quickly become an essential part of our lives, and if there is anything to enhance my watching experience—I’m there. Truthfully, not everything is great on Netflix, and sometimes you just don’t want to be reminded that you went down a The Real Housewives rabbit hole.

Now, you can remove these shows from your ‘Continue Watching’ list and never be reminded of your shame ever again. This function is currently only available on mobile devices, but they will sync up across devices.

Here’s how you remove shows from your ‘Continue Watching’ list:

1. Open your Netflix app on your phone and scroll to your ‘Continue Watching’ list.

2. Tap the three dots at the bottom of each show.

3. Click ‘Remove from row’ and confirm your selection.

And poof! It’s gone just like that along with the humiliation of unironically watching My Hotter Half.

While this might seem like a pretty inconsequential tweak, it does make love for my Netflix just a little bit more than other streaming services. If you are wondering what to watch on the streaming service, check out our Netflix Mondays recommendations and you might just find your new obsession.

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