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5 Activities Perfect for an Afternoon of Fun With Exactly 5 Friends

With Phase 2, five is the new arbitrary number for any group gatherings. Want to hang with your friends? Now you can!

With 5 of your buddies, you can start to indulge in these five legally-allowed activities, and start adding colours to your post-Circuit Breaker life. Pop your champagne and raise your glasses because this is a 2020 restart?

1. Leather Making Class

Circuit Breaker has unleashed all the closet Gordon Ramsey-s, budding marathoners, and new green fingers amongst us mere folks. Since we have entered Phase 2, why not try a new craft which is otherwise challenging to attempt at home?

Credit – Maketh Project

Starting from 1 July 2020, Maketh Project is recommencing its leather crafting workshops. With varying levels of difficulties, you can create leather products like wallet, coin pouches, and even a leather bag. The catalogue of classes is impressive—they offer leather marbling, leather printing, and leather painting classes too.

Of course, that being said, with greater complexity means more time is required, so get the consensus of your friends, book a slot, and start creating the products from scratch.

Credit – Maketh Project

Ready to display your artistic flair? Book here.

2. Bowling Alley

In Phase 2, one of the activities we can indulge in a team of five is bowling—an entertaining sport just by observation. There are two types of people in the bowling alley—the professionals and the rookies.

Credit – Orchid Bowl

For experts, bowling is a competitive sport. Every toss is swift and graceful, with a definite outcome of either a strike or a spare. For the newbies—like myself—we are the frequent visitants of the gutter. A non-gutter fling is a drastic improvement and an accomplishment to be proud of.

If bowling is your to-go option, know your proficiency, and choose your four friends wisely to prevent a bruised ego!

Credit – K Bowling Club

Check out these bowling alleys that has opened its doors to welcome enthusiastic bowlers like yourself.

3. Meet You At the Wall

If you have been active during Circuit Breaker, it’s time to up the game and challenge your strength and flexibility through a new sport—climbing. Climbing gyms—like Climb Central—have begun their operations too. If you are not using an automatic belaying system, a team of five is an ideal number for this outing. Here’s why.

Credit – The Rock School

Without the automated system, climbing is a pair sport with one climber and one belayer whose job is to support the climber while giving instruction and encouragement cues. Having a team of five gives a chance for one member to rest at any point in time. Besides, what’s an activity without taking photos? Your freed-up friend can help take pictures while cheering the team on.

These climbing gyms are excited to greet all aspiring Spider-Men and Spider-Women.

4. Music Jamming Studio

If your friends are melophiles, Circuit Breaker must have been quite depressing having been deprived of the option of live music.

Credit – Decibel Studios

Rather than crashing into someone’s home to jam, a convenient option is to book into a music jamming studio to indulge in a jolly good jamming session. Created by musicians for musicians, a good option to consider would be Decibel Studio which is located conveniently along Orchard Road. It is a conducive platform to give musicians an outlet to exchange music ideas, express their creativity, and experiment with a new tune or two. Moreover, it is stocked with excellent band equipment like a drum kit, electric and acoustic guitars, and keyboard.

They also have competitive rates and discounts for students and NSF.

5. East Coast Park Cyclist Park

If you haven’t checked out East Coast Park Cyclist Park, grab your friends and family, hop onto your bikes and head there this weekend. Located at Area D of East Coast Park, the 5.4-hectare Cyclist Park is an ideal one-stop hub made for everyone. Whether you are an amateur or expert in cycling, there are a couple of interesting features visitors can explore, such as the Learner Circuit and Advanced Circuit.

Credit – National Parks Board

As the name suggests, the 280-metre long Learner Circuit is made of gentle slopes to help beginners train their balance and stamina. The Advanced Circuit on the other hand, is 500-metre long with challenging features such as meandering tracks and bumpy bridges.

Credit – PS.Cafe at East Coast Park

After a mini-workout at the new tracks, you can drop by PS. Cafe By the Sea for a nice hearty meal with your friends and loved ones. Wow, that lingering scent in the air, a breath of life, and an emblem of our much-needed freedom.

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