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| On 2 weeks ago

GE2020: [UPDATED] Possible Record High of 12 Opposition Parties In Singapore’s General Elections This Year

Since the announcement of Singapore’s General Elections earlier this week, opposition and ruling parties alike have wasted no time in getting to work. The state might see a possible record number of 12 opposition parties this year seeking to pit themselves against the People’s Action party (PAP), four more than in the last post.

Analysts expect keen contest all across the island, especially with more seats up for grabs—93 this year, as compared to 89 previously. In 2015, opposition parties contested for all seats, and similar circumstances are expected to play out once again.

Credit – WP

Dr Mustafa Izzuddin from Solaris Strategies Singapore points out that opposition parties do, ultimately, have limited resources and must hence allocate them strategically. This involves deciding whether they want to contest all seats, or taking more calculated and concentrated moves.

Many will be watching the Workers’ Party (WP)—currently the only voice of opposition in parliament—with bated breath, as they once again shoot for Aljunied GRC, which it won back in 2011. In 2015, the party managed to retain the GRC by a slim margin of less than 2%.

This time, the WP is helmed by its new chief, Pritam Singh. Still recovering from a fall in April, it is unclear whether Low Thia Khiang will be contesting this year.

Credit – PSP

West Coast GRC is considered a hot battleground for opposition parties—where former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock and his newly formed Progress Singapore Party (PSP) plan to contest.

The 12 opposition parties that we could potentially see include:

1. The Workers’ Party (WP)

2. Singapore People’s Party (SPP)

3. Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)

4. National Solidarity Party (NSP)

5. Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA)

6. Peoples Voice (PV)

7. Progress Singapore Party (PSP)

8. Reform Party (RP)

9. Red Dot United (RDU)

10. Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

11. People’s Power Party (PPP)

12. Singaporeans First (SingFirst)

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