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These 5 DIY Craft Kit Brands From Singapore Will Awaken Your Inner Picasso

When Do-It-Yourself (DIY) crafts are mentioned, what comes to mind are often the conventional embroidery or leather artistry kits. And since everyone’s been stuck at home for the past three months, you’ve probably done all there is to do where hands-on homemade activities are concerned.

Despite the economy reopening in Phase 2, many of us will continue to work from home for the next few months to come. Don’t worry. You won’t have to stomach yet another failed batch of brownies or a loaf of sourdough bread that takes the “sour” in its name a little too seriously.

Spend your lunch breaks and post-work hours unwinding getting crafty with DIY kits that will last more than just a few days. They even make great gifts for friends whom you’re excited to see for the first time in months—after all, there’s no present more sincere than one personally made with love.

Here are 5 unique DIY kits brands for you to get artful at home, and awaken your inner Picasso.

Resin Play — Resin Kit

Credit – Resin Play

Due to its lightweight nature and ability to immortalise otherwise fleeting elements, resin has been gaining popularity lately in the creation of accessories, jewellery, and other knick-knacks.

A highly viscous substance before curing, resin can be coloured in any shade and opacity, coated onto surfaces and cast in silicone moulds of any shape, making it a versatile material to get crafty with.

Resin Play is a local craft store that satisfies your every need to get creative and expressive. If you’re a craft rookie like I am, select from a range of starter kits for everything you need to get kitted out—including a step-by-step guide—for your art journey to take off!

There are various types of resin available, such as epoxy resin which is transparent and easily mixed with colourful pigments, or water-based opaque resin (Jesmonite) which is easy to wash off and great for both kids and adults.  So whether it’s flower petals you’re hoping to encapsulate in a trinket tray, or dainty terrazzo jewellery to spruce up your outfit, you can count on Resin Play to be up to the task.

Credit – Resin Play

Create fun terrazzo jewellery with Resin Play’s starter kits or turn your favourite blooms into a gorgeous desk accessory while getting your dose of DIY fun.

Resin Play Starter Kit | Buy Here | Website | Facebook | Instagram

Hands On Klay — Clay Kit

Credit – Hands On Klay

The 2-month-long Circuit Breaker has shone a light on a very alarming addition I never realised I had—clay earrings. I’ve bought more handmade clay earrings the past two months than I have over the last ten years. Naturally, I sought the option to make them myself for the sake of my wallet, and also because I was curious to try my hand at my very own designs.

Credit – Hands On Klay

Established clay brand Hands On Klay offers the ultimate starter pack for amateurs like me—everything we’ll need to kickstart our exciting clay affair. The Clay Jewelry DIY Starter Kit comes equipped with polymer clay, the most commonly used form of clay due to its durable yet cost-efficient nature.

Soon, your ears will be adorned with freshly baked embellishment that is bound to turn heads.

Hands On Klay Clay Jewelry DIY Starter Kit | Buy Here | Website | Facebook | Instagram

Concrete Everything — Jesmonite Kit

Credit – Concrete Everything

Most of us are no strangers to Jesmonite, yet few know its name. The gorgeous terrazzo accessories that are well-loved by many are commonly made from Jesmonite—a composite material consisting of a gypsum-based material in an acrylic resin. The best part about Jesmonite is that it’s safe to use and contains no solvents or VOCs (Volatile organic compounds).

Credit – Concrete Everything

Concrete Everything‘s Terrazzo Coaster DIY Kit comes with AC100 Jesmonite as the main base for your coasters, as well as other necessary materials like acrylic sealant and terrazzo flakes. Each set will allow you to make 3-5 coasters, so it’s time to think about which friend to kick out from your gift list (just kidding! Unless…?).

Take your creativity by the horns and recreate your favourite terrazzo design to hold your drinking glasses.

Concrete Everything Terrazzo Coaster DIY Kit | Buy Here | Website | Facebook | Instagram

With Autumn — Punch Needle Kit

Credit – With Autumn

The alternative, lesser-known cousin to embroidery, punch needling is a technique that’s similar to rug hooking. Instead of stitching through the fabric, punch needling involves pushing thread or yarn into the fabric, while keeping the needle on the surface. The end results are a high-textured piece that very much contrasts with that of an intricate embroidery pattern.

Credit – With Autumn

Having teamed up with highly-adored brands such as Muji, Fresh, and Uniqlo, With Autumn can definitely be counted on for a stellar arts-and-craft experience. Make yourself a snazzy tote bag with With Autumn’s Punch Needle Canvas Tote Bag Kit which comprises all you need to embark on your punch needling adventure.

Get creative with the colours, textures, techniques, and patterns as you go along.

With Autumn Punch Needle Canvas Tote Bag Kit | Buy Here | Website | Facebook | Instagram

The Green Capsule — Terrarium Kit

Credit – The Green Capsule

If tote bags, coasters, and earrings aren’t your thing, then a terrarium should stand in as the perfect sprucer-upper. Studies have shown that having greenery around your workstation is great for improving mood and good to gaze at when you need a break from all those Excel sheets. And a terrarium is a low-maintenance yet aesthetically-pleasing iteration of that, making it an excellent workplace companion.

Credit – The Green Capsule

The Green Capsule offers an affordable range of DIY Terrarium Kits that feature succulents, Fittonia plants, and even the uncommon Airplant (which doesn’t require soil to grow). The kits come complete with pre-packaged moss, soil, pebbles, and more—making for a fuss-free and intuitive construction process.

Assemble your very own plant-centric piece for a calming and fun evening.

The Green Capsule Terrarium DIY Kits | Buy Here | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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