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Citizen Farm: Get Your Own Sustainable Produce From This Farm In Queenstown

This is not the typical farm you visit to feed and pet animals. Instead, Citizen Farm Singapore grows sustainable and pesticide-free vegetables which are sold to local restaurants.

They also hold educational workshops that anyone can sign up for, like Cheese Making and How to Start an Edible Garden at Home.

Citizen Farm

Tucked away in Queenstown, the farm utilises advanced farming systems to produce vegetables that wouldn’t be able to thrive in Singapore’s warm and humid climate under normal circumstances.

Some of the vegetables grown there include: Kale (a well-known superfood), Rainbow Chard and Microgreens like Sugar Snap Peas.

Farm Tours

Like other farms, Citizen Farm also conducts farm tours to allow people to get to know more about urban farming.

Straight off the bat, Sarah (my guide) offered me an edible flower. I put in my mouth gingerly; it tasted exactly like an unripe mango.

She informed me that the daisy-like flower is called the Ulam Raja. How cool that this can be used to add to the flavour of dishes?

After a tour of the garden, I was shown the incubation rooms for mushrooms. Sarah explained the complex way in which the mushrooms are cultivated. I admit I wasn’t paying much attention, because I too busy looking at the jar of Pink Oyster Mushrooms shown above. Sorry, Sarah.

Although these were preserved to show visitors during farm tours, they still look delicious.

Another really cool thing that I saw in the farm – ‘paper’ made from mushroom fibre. Whuuuttt.

Sarah then brought me to the room where the vegetables are grown.

A room. Indoors. Look at the rows of lush Dino Kale! The greens produced at Citizen Farm are all grown indoors in a controlled environment, which means no harmful insecticides are used in the process.

I was also pleasantly surprised when I visited the washroom. We always have this idea that toilets in farms would be dirty, but that was clearly not the case in Citizen Farm. It’s super clean please?

The Hand Wash in the washroom is made from plants grown in the farm. It smelled really nice and minty, lathered into silky suds, and wasn’t drying on the skin at all. 10/10 would buy!

More cool stuff grown and produced in the farm – two special blends of Tea.

Unfortunately, both the Hand Wash and Teas are not available for purchase for now. If you’re interested just like I am, follow them on Facebook and keep a lookout for updates.

The science-loving kid in me was constantly entertained throughout the tour. Tasting various kinds of edible plants was a fresh experience, and I hadn’t heard of Pink Oyster Mushrooms prior to my visit. Maybe it’s just me living under a rock, but I was amazed to find out that these mushrooms can be grown in Singapore.

Minimal Waste, Quality Produce

Pea Tendrils and Red Amaranth – don’t they look yummy?

Germinated Kale seedlings.

Citizen Farm composts and upcycles their agricultural byproduct into fertiliser, which is then used to provide nutrients to the growing vegetables – so you can be absolutely sure that the leafy greens are packed full of goodness.

Because their produce is all grown in a clean environment in such a sustainable way, restaurants like Sunday Folks, Smokes and Mirrors, 1 Altitude, Super Loco, and more get their greens from Citizen Farm Singapore. That’s right! Citizen Farm caters to over 30 restaurants in Singapore.

Empowering The Disadvantaged

Here’s what I like most about the farm: they’re not just about modern technology and sustainability, they’re inclusive too.

Currently, Citizen Farm works with the Autism Resource Centre and the Down Syndrome Association of Singapore to provide jobs for the socially disadvantaged in Singapore. All the more reason to support them!

Citizen Box

If it’s good enough for restaurants, then it’s definitely good enough for you. Introducing the Citizen Box, a weekly subscription box of sustainably grown and pesticide-free produce harvested fresh from Citizen Farm and delivered to your doorstep weekly.

As someone who works full time, I definitely don’t have time to visit the supermarket or wet market early in the morning– meaning I’m left with whatever’s available in the evening. Which, more often than not, has already begun to wilt. Meh.

I’m not sure about you, but I like my vegetables fresh and crunchy. For S$35 a week, you’ll get to indulge in fresh farm vegetables, do your part for the environment by buying sustainably grown food, as well as support the socially disadvantaged. Pretty good deal, if you ask me.

— —

Visit their website to find out more about the workshops, farm tours, and the Citizen Box. I’d recommend following them on social media too; that hand wash smelt really good.

Pink Oyster Mushrooms are currently not included in Citizen Boxes due to limited quantity, so when they’re finally available, announcements would be made on their Facebook page.

Prices: Subscription boxes start from S$35/week

Citizen Farm: 60 Jalan Penjara, Singapore 149375 | Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm (Closed on Weekends) | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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