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Limited Edition Adidas X Dragon Ball Z Kicks Might Just Be Coming To You This 2018

Dragon Ball Z is somewhat an iconic cartoon for those born in the 90s. I grew up watching the entire series and needless to say, I too, have a secret stash of Dragon Ball Z merchandise.

Yes, that includes those pasar malam graphic tees. Well, here is a piece of good news for my fellow Dragon Ball Z fans out there.

An Adidas x Dragon Ball Z collab is happening in Fall 2018 and from the looks of it, the date of release might just be a lot sooner than we’re expecting it to be. While we await the official confirmation from Adidas, you might want to take a sneak peak at what’s coming up in this much coveted collection. 

The collection will feature eight exclusive sneakers modelled after the dragon balls. Can I just say, the colour schemes are pretty on point with the different characters they represent. Oh, and rumour has it that every pair of sneakers will come with its corresponding action figurine. How cool is that! 

The best part? They look absolutely wearable on the streets.

Say no more, just take my money already. I’m all stoked to get my hands on this amazing collection. Will you be keeping your eyes out for this special edition release?

Dates: Expected to drop in Fall 2018

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