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Circuit Breaker Things: No-Excuses 15-minute Workouts to Stay Toned & Keep Fit

The Circuit Breaker has drastically reduced our overall physical activity. “The world is your oyster” no longer holds and a more befitting saying is “my house is my world”. Thankfully, keeping fit has kept me sane from my cabin fever.

When all you need is 15 minutes a day and zero equipment, I guess it’s time to shelve your excuses and get ready for these quick fix to help you start your rumble, so please do not grumble.

1. 15 minute Power Yoga Workout | Sarah Beth Yoga

Unlike a traditional yoga practice, Power Yoga is conducted at a faster pace and is more fitness-centric. It is a good mix of increasing flexibility and mobility while toning and building muscular strength.

This 15-minute yoga session is suitable for all levels with modifications provided along the way.

2. Beginner’s Cardio Workout | POPSUGAR Fitness

You can always trust POPSUGAR fitness cardio workout to get you sweaty and your heart pumping. Be prepared for lots of jumping exercises and strength training. Overall, it guarantees a productive well-spent 15 minutes working on your whole body and wrapping up with a nice core finisher!

3. Abs of Steel Workout | GymRa

With a solid 15-minute dedicated to working your abdominal area, be prepared to get a lot of burn from the variation of crunches, leg lifts, planks. But don’t give up, that’s how you get your washboard abs in place so you can flaunt it when Circuit Breaker ends!

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