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10 Diverse & Inclusive Companies That Make Our Circuit Breaker Lives More Manageable

COVID-19 has put Singapore in a position she’s never been before. Uncertainty is at an all-time high, and the economy struck a new low. But it is in these times that we must continue to embrace and show love for one another regardless of our identities.

This is why we decided to shine some light on these Singaporean companies that are not only diverse and inclusive but have each contributed to easing the lives of Singaporeans throughout this troubling period. Their contributions come in unique ways, but they all work towards ensuring that life goes on with minimised complications for everyone in this gruelling climate.



This COVID-19 season, Circles.Life has launched a Frontliners Care Package that includes free six months unlimited data with 4G Rollover and unlimited Talktime to over 95 companies across healthcare, transport, public security and defence sectors.

They aim to ensure that our heroes can continue to stay connected from the frontlines even though they can’t meet their loved ones as often.

They also launched a student’s support fund that provides three months of free unlimited data. This ensures that students who don’t have Wifi at home can continue to work hard and access their education online just like all their peers.

The company is Asia’s first fully digital Telco and changed the scene in Singapore back in 2016. They value diversity in their game plan towards achieving success and look past a person’s ethnicity or gender to set their sights on the things that genuinely matter─the skills the individual brings.



In light of COVID-19, Chope, a real-time restaurant-reservation booking platform launched the ‘Chope On’ campaign. This initiative allows customers to assist their favourite restaurants in tiding through these rough times. They offer several offers and deals across a myriad of varying restaurants in Singapore so you’re spoilt for choice over where you want to order from and who you’d like to support.

They also provide you with the opportunity to support frontline staff or friends who require more assistance in this period through the ChopeDeals E-Gift Card. It’ll allow customers to not only contribute to providing a meal to someone they know but also supports the restaurants that need extra help.

Even prior to the circuit breaker, the Chope took pride in inclusivity, flexibility, and accountability and are driven to create a space where everyone feels safe and can freely grow while expressing themselves.

The Projector

Credit-Raj Nadarajan

Due to COVID-19, The Projector—a dynamic alternative to the typical cineplex—made the decision to reschedule special screenings so fans can still look forward to enjoying their highly anticipated films once the virus outbreak has settled down. They’ll also be extending memberships as well as voucher validity based on the duration of the enforced closure.

If you want to continue supporting the company, you can help out by purchasing their merchandise, tickets, vouchers and memberships on their site so they can stay afloat throughout this period. You could also gift it to a friend in need who’s going through a hard time because of COVID-19.

Before this, they were a not-so-hidden gem tucked away in Golden Mile Tower with a very loyal fan base. The cineplex carries the vision of the three brave women that started it, which is to create a haven for cinema lovers, the LGBTQIA+ community, and fun-loving woke individuals.



Unfortunately, several individuals became the victim of retrenchment in this troubling period. Lucky for them, Glints is the perfect platform to assist them in getting back on their feet. Their site allows individuals to search through a plethora of jobs and internships so those unemployed can actively continue their search for a job while staying at home.

It displays all sorts of job vacancies across different working sectors so that you can discover and explore different career paths and develop yourself throughout the process. Hopefully, you’ll also be able to find a job that you love through the site that may become your new-found passion.

The company is a career discovery and talent recruitment platform headquartered in Singapore. They possess the vision to be a world-class, rapidly growing company that contributes to a world where people and organisations can realise their human potential. There, they focus on an individual’s ability to contribute to the company and society rather than the colour of a person’s skin or who they love.

United Overseas Bank


As a result of the circuit breaker, United Overseas Bank(UOB) has decided to dedicate their first hour of banking operations towards the elderly, customers with disabilities and pregnant individuals. The company also has relief measures available to help those in need by alleviating the burdens both businesses and individuals may be facing throughout these unprecedented times.

This includes deferring payments on property loans as well as lower interest rates on personal unsecured credit for all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who have suffered a loss of 25 per cent or more of their monthly income after 1 February 2020. These measures are put in place to minimise the financial worries of the people in Singapore so that we can get through this difficult period together.

UOB is a Singaporean multinational banking organisation. Besides their strong standing in accountancy, they also heavily emphasise the need and importance of inclusivity across abilities and gender within the company. They believe in providing an inclusive and fair workplace where everybody is treated equally and respectfully.

With all the confusion and uncertainty in the air for the property market as a result of the coronavirus, is doing their part by helping property agents determine what their next step should be in these tough times.

They released a gameplan for those in the real estate industry so that they can tackle the matter at hand with minimised inconvenience and profit losses. They have analysed the current property market to ease one’s understanding of the current situation and enable better decisions to be made throughout this period.

For your information, is a map-based property search engine that utilises smart algorithms to ensure efficient property search experience here in Singapore. They strive to create an environment where employees and customers have peace of mind to give their best at work without having to worry about being judged for who they are.



Carousell has proven itself to be essential throughout this circuit breaker. With many items going out of stock due to CB, consumers have turned to Carousell to purchase all sorts of goods. This includes exercise equipment such as at home gym sets, weights or even just game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch to keep the family entertained at home throughout this period.

On top of that, they’re donating up to S$2 million in ad inventory to support non-profit organisations in four Asian markets that are helping communities impacted by COVID-19. They even released a guide on how Singaporeans can continue to #SupportLocal in the current climate through helping freelancers and independent businesses promote themselves and gain a consumer base.

The smartphone and web-based consumer to consumer business that enables the buying and selling of new and secondhand goods. They also believe in creating a diverse workplace with people from varying backgrounds and experiences. They promote a culture where skills, character and passion are valued and do not discriminate people for their racial or sexual identities.

E’s Fitness

Credit-E’s Fitness

If you’ve been down and in absolutely no mood to exercise through this circuit breaker period, then E’s Fitness has the perfect option for you to leverage. Once the restrictions over gyms have been lifted, you can take a trip down to their gym and book a free trial for the different fitness classes they have available. It’s an excellent way to rebuild your spirits and help you get back on track on that journey towards lifelong health.

They are an award-winning gym that foresees leading the reinvention of lifelong quality health. They aim to assist individuals in developing healthy minds, bodies and souls so that they can progress and live prosperously. They want to share their perspectives on inclusivity and diversity at workspaces in Singapore through their work ethics and culture.



Amidst COVID-19, Singtel implemented different sets of measures to rally Singaporeans together so that we can all fight against the novel coronavirus together. So far, the company has raised S$2 million to help vulnerable groups affected by the virus and healthcare workers.

Singtel Board volunteers are also doing a 10% fee cut to show solidarity. They even put together a care package of free services to support and sustain the wider public. The services offered range from free entertainment for the general public to business solutions for SMEs that’ll help them get through this troubling time.

Before the circuit breaker, the info comms technology giant actively promoted an inclusive workplace by ensuring that people with disabilities were not excluded from the workforce. The company has also invested nearly $200,000 to make the workplace disability-friendly through office modifications such as installing automatic doors with RFID readers that adds ease in using staff access cards.



Grab has unquestionably eased the lives of consumers by providing us with a myriad of food delivery options for ourselves and our loved ones. Although there have been a lot of complaints regarding the high rates of commission Grab charges, the company has also done a lot to help businesses at this time.

This is through enabling consumer demand to sustain or even rise throughout this period. They provided multiple solutions such as free marketing for small F&B businesses through their local heroes icon, launched Islandwide Delivery, provided zero commission for self pick-up orders, and online training for F&B outlets through the GrabFood Capability Development Pack that’ll help businesses improve their online presence and boost sales for the long run.

These measures will help restaurants that don’t usually depend on delivery boost their sales throughout this challenging period.

Prior to this, the company withheld a strong vision of bettering the daily lives of as many people as possible, irrespective of their ethnicity, belief, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability. They continue to exemplify this through the measures taken throughout COVID-19 and strive to meaningfully impact as many lives as possible.

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