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Marissa Mir

25 and still trying very hard to adult.

Discovery PICO: Say Goodbye To Acne Scars & Unwanted Tattoos With This New Painless Laser Treatment

I may not look like it now, but I was once just another kid in polytechnic who cut her fringe…

2 years ago

Bungee Workout: Bounce Around & Work Up A Sweat With This New Fitness Craze At Dancevault Studios

We live in a time where no one bats an eyelid at "Beer Yoga" or "Aqua Spinning", so it shouldn't…

2 years ago

NOON To MOON: Groove To House Tunes & Catch The F1 Finale From Up Above At CÉ LA VI This 17 Sept ’17

The annual F1 Grand Prix is right around the corner, and if you didn't manage to book a hotel room…

4 years ago

The Universe And Art: Explore The Mysteries Of The Galaxy At The ArtScience Museum Till 30 July ’17

The ArtScience museum never fails to deliver new exhibitions to keep things exciting for those of us living in Singapore.…

2 years ago

40 Epic Music Festivals In Asia To Make Sure You Party Hard The Entire 2017

Having been lucky enough to roam the fields of the legendary Glastonbury Festival in England last year, I came back…

4 years ago

Top 10 Sporting Goods Under S$10 That You Should Buy From Decathlon Singapore

By now, you would've probably heard of Decathlon — the superstore in Singapore that has everything you could possibly need…

2 years ago

Book And Bed Hostel: The Ideal Accommodation For Any Bookworm In Tokyo

Hostels tend to be bustling hubs of activity for solo travellers looking to make some friends, but of course Japan…

4 years ago

8 Things That Are Better To Do This Valentine’s Day In Singapore When You’re Single

We're so close to 14 February and we all know what that means: it's hey-here's-a-reminder-that-you're-single-and-alone day! I used to love…

2 years ago

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour: Hello Kitty-Themed Rooms In Johor Bahru For Your Next Adventure

Love everything Hello Kitty but too broke to make it to Japan just yet? Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour in Johor…

4 years ago

8 Unconventional Ways To Go Abroad Without Spending Too Much $$$

It's hard being stuck in one place long term and that's probably one of the main reasons why so many…

4 years ago

AJ Hackett Sentosa: Take A 47m Leap Of Faith Off Singapore’s New Bungee Tower

Step aside rollercoasters, there's a new bad boy in town. If Universal Studios just isn't doing it for you anymore, maybe…

4 years ago

Wonderfruit Festival Pattaya: Celebrate The Arts & Escape For A Whimsical Weekend In The Thai Fields From 16 – 19 Feb 17

Forget the usual shopping/beach getaway in the region – how about spending a weekend at a festival in the fields of…

4 years ago

Holi Festival Singapore ’17: Celebrate The Spring Festival With Bursts Of Colour On 25 Feb

Every year, thousands in India and Nepal gather to celebrate the Hindu Spring Festival of Holi. Singapore's not one to…

4 years ago

Memoranda Video Game: Solve Puzzles And Get Lost In A Haruki Murakami-Inspired World

Reading a Haruki Murakami novel is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and now you can go a step further and immerse…

4 years ago

5 New Theme Parks & Attractions Loop-De-Looping Into Asia This 2017

2017 is looking set to be a really exciting year, and I mean heart-pumpingly exciting. We can now add five…

4 years ago

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