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Top 10 Sporting Goods Under S$10 That You Should Buy From Decathlon Singapore

By now, you would’ve probably heard of Decathlon — the superstore in Singapore that has everything you could possibly need for exercise and the outdoors. From cycling to hiking, running, swimming and even camping, Decathlon is the IKEA of sporting goods.

And by that I mean that you’ll not be able to go in and come out empty-handed, even if you didn’t need anything to begin with.

The selection is insane, and very reasonably priced! With many items going for under S$10, here’s a list of the top 10 things you should buy, in terms of quality and value for money.

10. XBASE Print Swimming Goggles (S$7.90)

If you’re the occasional swimmer who can’t keep your eyes open underwater, you’re probably going to need goggles. The thing about being an occasional swimmer though, is that it’s going to suck splurging so much on a pair that you won’t even be using that much!

At only S$7.90, the XBASE Print Swimming Goggles is perfect and has garnered rave reviews for its quality. That price even comes with anti-fogging treatment, UV protection and a two-year guarantee.

This is definitely the best quick fix for all you part-time swimmers and you can buy it Online here.

9. EGG 350 (S$3)

I initially thought this was a beauty blender, but you won’t be finding any of those at Decathlon. The EGG 350 (S$3) is meant for strengthening the muscles in your hand and forearm.

I guess it’s something like a stress ball but can also be used to massage the palm of your hand. Get this to squeeze when you’re in the office – the grip and quality will be more than worth your S$3, and you’ll come out with great arms and feeling less stressed.

8. EKIDEN Women’s Warm Long Sleeved Running Jersey (S$9.90)

Singapore isn’t the coldest of countries, but you never know when this might come in handy. The EKIDEN Women’s Warm Long Sleeved Running Jersey is a steal at only S$9.90, and would be the perfect item for runners to have in their wardrobe.

Loads of people make it a point to keep up with a fitness regime even when travelling, and the thermal insulation and breathable fabric means that you can squeeze in a run on a chilly morning. Get this value for money jacket so that you have no excuses the next time you’re overseas!

7. Ultra-Compact Microfibre Towel Size L (S$9.90)

It’s always a pain in the neck having to pack bulky towels for a sporty day at the beach or a quick swim somewhere, and the Ultra-Compact Microfibre Towel (S$9.90) is the answer to all your problems.

The 80cm by 130cm towel is highly absorbent and quick drying, and won’t take up much space at all.

The towels are available in many funky colours, like this lime-green one, and should be a staple in every household.

6. ARENBERG Adult Cycling & Running Protection Sunglasses (S$4.90)

Sunglasses at only S$4.90 — see what I mean about not being able to leave the store without buying something you probably don’t need?

The ARENBERG Adult Cycling & Running Protection Sunglasses is the ideal purchase for those looking for quality and value, with full UV protection and shock resistance.

Its lightweight material and sleek design means that it stays put even when cycling or running vigorously. The Clear colour option looks pretty darn cool, but there are a few others to choose from as well.

5. EKIDEN Running Shorts (S$7.90)

If you’re a fan of running at night, you need a pair of these in your life. The EKIDEN Running Shorts (S$7.90) boasts reflective patches on both front and back and functionality aside, these look super comfy too.

Let it all hang loose because they’re also designed with built in briefs and are made using a light and breathable material. Get this or perhaps a pair of squash shorts if you’ve been searching for something to wear during everyday exercise.

4. KALENJI First Women’s Running Sports Bra (S$5.90)

A good sports bra doesn’t come cheap, so I’ve been trying to find the catch with the KALENJI First Women’s Running Sports Bra (S$5.90). It seems that what you see is what you get though, and I’d happily pay that price for apparel with moisture management and quick drying technology.

Reviews praise the great chest support and fit of this particular brand, which is quality right there if you ask me. Plus a sports bra is all about comfort, and this scores in that department.

3. Medium Fold-Down Fitness Barrel Bag (S$7.90)

Forget having to shell out big bucks for a sturdy gym bag – the Medium Fold-Down Fitness Barrel Bag (S$7.90) is super lightweight and can fold into a small pocket. It’s 30L and made from 100% polyester.

The compact feature is what’s doing it for me, plus the sleek design which means that it’ll probably match with anything and everything. You could even bring this on your travels to have an extra bag for shopping!

2. ESSENTIAL SPORTEE Cotton Fitness T-Shirt (S$3.50)

I’ve always heard rave reviews about UNIQLO basic T-shirts, but they’ll still set you back by about S$8. Decathlon’s ESSENTIAL SPORTEE Cotton Fitness T-Shirt is only S$3.50 (I know, right) and is the ultimate exercise staple for guys.

People who’ve bought the T-shirt, love its soft feel that ensures that you work out in comfort. I’m not a guy and even I want it just because of the price.

1. ARPENAZ 10L Hiking Backpack (S$3.90)

If there’s one item that you should recognise (and buy) from Decathlon, it’s the ARPENAZ 10L Hiking Backpack. S$3.90 will get you this compact backpack that can honestly be used for so many things.

Day out at Universal Studios or the Singapore Zoo? An afternoon spent rollerblading at East Coast Park? Cycling at Pulau Ubin? The possibilities are endless, and I’m sure you would’ve seen this backpack making its rounds in Singapore just like the Anello backpack craze.

Except that this purchase is so much cheaper, and therefore, so much more necessary.

Decathlon is where it’s at ya’ll – here’s to getting those exercise resolutions back on track.

Decathlon Singapore: Store Locations | Website

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