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Book And Bed Hostel: The Ideal Accommodation For Any Bookworm In Tokyo

Hostels tend to be bustling hubs of activity for solo travellers looking to make some friends, but of course Japan likes to do things differently. The Book And Bed Hostel in Tokyo is perfect for some quiet downtime, where travellers can cosy up in nooks and crannies with one of the thousands of books available.

You will literally be sleeping within a bookshelf, and the hostel encourages you to read until you fall asleep. There are 52 beds in total, with shared toilets and bathrooms so I guess some human contact is still necessary.

All in all though, you’ll be left to your own thoughts and can come back after a long day of exploring, and unwind with a good book or two.

Prices: Start from ¥3,800 per night (around S$48)

Book And Bed Hostel Tokyo: 1-17-7, Lumiere building 7th floor, Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku Tokyo, Japan 171-0021 | Bookings | Facebook | Website

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