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6 Netflix Shows for Dad ⁠— A Fathers’ Day Watch List

Father’s Day is around the corner, and if you have nothing planned yet, fret not! It’s not too late to get the man in your life a gift, order in some food, and catch a good movie on Netflix. Here’s a lineup of Father’s Day entertainment for you to watch with the #1 guy in your life.

Get that booze and the jumbo pack of chips ready, recline your seat, Netflix right away.

1. The Last Dance

Credit – Netflix

Unlike the title, the documentary has nothing to do with dancing. Still, it is a definitive account of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in their quest to clinch the sixth NBA title in eight years. The 10-part series gives viewers a glimpse of the exclusive footage to the personal journeys of the Bulls, as well as interviews with 90 NBA personalities, including Phil Jackson, Steve Kerr, and Dennis Rodman.

To top the cherry to the cake, this is how The Guardian describes the show:

“The Last Dance not just spectacular, but a version of some other truth that still seems to be playing itself out now.”

Who should watch it: Any long-distance NBA fan, basketball lover, or sports fanatic.

The Last Dance | Watch Here

2. Ah Boys to Men

Ah Boys to Men is a Singaporean comedy by prominent local director, Jack Neo. Currently streaming on Netflix, it is the first part of the 4-part comedy film, featuring a new batch of recruits enlisting for National Service in Singapore.

Credit – Netflix

The humour is peppered with some colloquial jokes and iconic characters which is commonly seen amongst recruits—like “wayang king” (someone who is too eager to perform), “chow keng warrior” (one who sees national service as a drudgery obligation), and “lobang person” (the most resourceful and witty person in the group).

This is a good conversation starter for all daughters to hear old army stories from their dads and can be a shared topic between sons and their fathers.

Who should watch it: This show is great for anyone who enjoys slapstick humour and for foreigners to glean a friendly insight to the Singapore’s compulsory military service.

Ah Boys to Men | Watch Here

3. Jo Koy: In His Elements

Jo Koy is a Filipino-American standup comedian and his comedy “In His Elements” is a one-hour long show “about Filipino, for Filipinos”.

Credit – Netflix

Here, he celebrates his heritage by talking about the Filipino culture, fond personal memories, and entertaining mimics of the Tagalog-accented English. At the same time, he uses this opportunity to share the stage and display the talents of his fellow Filipino American performers.

Who should watch it: For anyone who enjoys a good laugh and a lineup of talent displays. If you don’t have many common topics with your dad, comedies are always a good solution.

Jo Koy: In His Elements | Watch Here

4. Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

To the uninformed, Eurovision is a song and dance showcase where European nations compete for glory. Unfortunately, it has been cancelled this year due to the pandemic.

Credit – Netflix

This American comedy features two aspiring Icelandic musicians who are given a chance to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest—the world’s biggest song competition. Witness how the young budding stars fight for their dreams in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This show premieres on Netflix on 26 June 2020. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the trailer.

Who should watch it: Anyone who likes shows with a good soundtrack. Watch it with your dad, and you might be inspired to form a family band after this show.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga | Watch Here

5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Join this quest with Owen and Claire as they campaign to save the remaining dinosaurs in the jungle of Isla Nublar from an erupting volcano. These poor creatures are at extinction level, the volcanic lava is raining down, and the lead raptor (Blue) is currently missing in the wild. As they arrived on the island, they uncovered a conspiracy that could potentially put the planet into a precarious state.

Credit – Netflix

With an impending mess like this, can they succeed? The adventure film starts streaming on Netflix on 24 June 2020.

Who should watch it: If your dad enjoys thrillers and science fiction films just like my dad, this is a perfect show to engage your stoic father.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom | Watch Here

6. Chicken Soup for the Soul’s – Being Dad

This is an intimate depiction of nine men’s lives—from different socioeconomic backgrounds, religion, and ethnicity—and how they tackle fatherhood. Each documentary series gives viewers a realistic display of their unique challenges and their heartfelt stories.

We may celebrate our fathers every day but let’s make this week uniquely special to take a closer look at our dad or any father figure in our lives—the true unsung heroes.

Who should watch it: Anyone who wants to reignite love and respect for father figures in their lives.

Chicken Soup for the Soul’s – Being Dad | Watch Here

P.S: If you want to explore more shows with your dad, do use the Netflix “Search” function, where you can look for shows from specific—and sometimes wacky—categories, such as Talking Animals, Anime for Beginners, or Retro TV. You might discover some hidden gems along the way!

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