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6 Netflix Shows To Satiate Your Thirst For Storytelling & Stand-Up Laughs

Hello ladies, gentlemen, and all you non-binary folks! It is the start of the week once again and I am happy to bring you this week’s Netflix recommendations featuring the best of comedy. After all, there is never a time where one would not be in the mood to have a good laugh or some good old storytelling, am I right?

Stressed? Sad? Don’t know what to catch? Watch a stand-up special from this list of talented comedians and binge-watch your favourite. I personally believe that a joke is truly brilliant and funny if you are able to find yourself laughing over it more than once if you’re one to re-watch shows like me.

Without further ado, here are 6 Netflix comedies that are guaranteed to bring you laughs with smart jokes, a variety of humour and comedians with larger than life personalities.

John Mulaney – The Comeback Kid

Credit – Netflix

One of my all-time favourites, John Mulaney is an American comedian who loves to boast about the fact that he managed to get married to his wife, a New York Jew. This baby faced comedian made his big break after serving as a writer on Saturday Night Live, a comedy show based in New York City that is known for being a launching pad for many well-known comedians today.

The Comeback Kid features Mulaney’s stories on marriage, his chaotic journey on growing up, his beloved dog Petunia, and the one time he met Bill Clinton.

Who should watch it: If you’re one for storytelling with well-observed details.

John Mulaney – The Comeback Kid | Watch Here

Ronny Chieng – Asian Comedian Destroys America!

Credit – Netflix

Ronny Chieng is a Malaysian born comedian who has a Law degree from the University of Melbourne, has lived in four countries, and is now a senior correspondent on The Daily Show, an American satirical television show that is led by main host, Trevor Noah. Imagine that, a comedian who’s also a lawyer.

Just as the title suggests, Asian Comedian Destroys America features Ronny’s experiences as he lives his life in New York as an immigrant with his new wife. I assure you, you would absolutely die laughing when you hear this man talk about his experiences with the New York subway.

Who should watch it: If you too are a good Asian kid who’s looking to break the mould.

Ronny Chieng – Asian Comedian Destroys America! | Watch Here

Pete Davidson – Alive From New York

Credit – Netflix

Pete Davidson is best known for his writing and performances on Saturday Night Live, on top of comedy, the lanky comedian is also an actor and has made a number of appearances in different films. His most notable appearance would be his character in the film Big Time Adolescence, where he plays Zeke, the ex-boyfriend of the main protagonist’s older sister. Davidson is a veteran in stand-up comedy with his dry, dead-pan yet extremely effective jokes.

‘Alive From New York’ has Davidson recount bits and pieces of his life in a raw, unadulterated and authentic way. The best way to describe this special would be ‘peak awkward comedy’. It’s perhaps not applicable to most, but watch on if you’re one for vulnerability.

Who should watch it: If you enjoy 420 jokes and can relate to surviving through the fog of anxiety and depression.

Pete Davidson – Alive From New York | Watch Here

Daniel Sloss – Live Shows

Credit – Netflix

Daniel Sloss hails from Scottland and started comedy when he was 16. Born to academic and liberal parents, his live shows feature him recounting his family life as he grows up where he is not afraid to spill hard truths. Sloss single-handedly managed to break apart thousands of couples apart with this iconic quote from his aptly titled show, Jigsaw: “People are more in love with the idea of love than the person they are with.”

Who should watch it: If you know your relationship’s going downhill and don’t know why.

Daniel Sloss – Live Shows | Watch Here

Ali Wong: Baby Cobra

Credit – Netflix

Ali Wong is an Asian-American comedienne who started her foray into comedy after she graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Asian American Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles. Baby Cobra has Wong recounting life in a hilarious and relatable way as she impressively delivers a high energy show while seven months pregnant with her firstborn.

Wong uses her special to not only address serious topics such as miscarriage and feminism, but also the hilariously chaotic time that was her twenties. In an interview, she said “Comedy only works when it comes from an honest place and the relief that I’d miscarried twins was real!”

Who should watch it: If you’re looking for a strong comedienne to watch.

Ali Wong: Baby Cobra | Watch Here

Hannah Gadsby – Nanette

Credit – Netflix

This one is for my non-binary, queer brothers and sisters. Hannah Gadsby is a Lesbian comedienne from Tasmania, Australia. In this confronting performance, we see Gadsby use the art of tension to make an impact with her storytelling. Not the conventional stand-up performance, watch as Gadsby uses comedy in a modern and powerful way as she shares her narrative of being a marginalised person of society.

Who should watch it: If you need humour as a side to serious topics.

Hannah Gadsby – Nanette | Watch Here

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