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6 Netflix Shows With An Amazing Soundtrack To Groove All Day To

Have you ever watched a show and found yourself humming its tunes as you make your way through your daily routine long after the show ends? Fact is, amazing soundtracks make a good show better—they give the show flavour and add another dimension to the viewing experience.

As video streaming becomes more prevalent, we no longer just want our eyes glued to the screen, but also our ears to indulge in the same cinematic experience. Who’s going to say no to a show with an excellent plot, great cast, and incredible music, am I right?

Pitch Perfect 3

Following their victory at the world championship, the separated acapella group—Bellas— reunite for one last time for an overseas singing competition. The American comedy film documents Bella’s musical misadventures with many overdue hugs and tearful moments sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Who should watch it: Perfect for viewers who have enjoyed the previous 2 instalments of the Pitch Perfect universe, but also highly recommended for anyone who enjoys a good range of music—from beautiful harmonised renditions to upbeat dance numbers.

Pitch Perfect 3 | Watch Here


Glee is a musical, which features high school students with big dreams, and an optimistic teacher who attempts to help them get through life. It is also the first TV show where the characters sang as much as they talked. A pioneer of this genre in many ways.

Like any series, viewers have their favourite seasons. While some complained that the show has lost its ability to keep up with pop culture and stay relevant in the later seasons, I still love their covers very much, especially the occasional features of guest star singers like Gwyneth Paltrow, Lindsay Lohan, and Tyra Banks.

Excellent lead vocals, strong rhythmic bass line, and a nice touch of contributing harmony voices—it is hard to pinpoint a favourite song in a wonderful soundtrack like this.

Who should watch it: Need some reminiscent of your high school carefree days? This is a perfect show to teleport you back.

Glee | Watch Here

Isn’t It Romantic

This is a romantic comedy that all girls would probably wish she can wake up to. Natalie, an American architect who had a stroke of cursed luck in romance, woke up one fine day and found herself living in an alternate universe that seems too good to be true.

This entertaining flick brings you back to the classic rock-and-roll soundtracks from the 1960s to the 90s. For me, the highlight is the cover from the hot 1980s “I wanna dance with somebody” sung by the two main leads—Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine. The scene is perfectly orchestrated with random sounds of a pub and a beautifully choreographed dance mob .

Who should watch it: For anyone who loves rock-and-roll from the 1960s and everyone who loves to listen to good covers.

Isn’t It Romantic | Watch Here

Itaewon Class

An inspiring story of an ex-convict, Park, whose life took a turn after two major life events—being expelled from school and the death of his father. Following his father’s footsteps, he started his own bar-restaurant business in Itaewon Street, which subsequently turned into the biggest food company in Korea.

Language barrier aside, the soundtracks are largely instrumental. My favourite song is definitely “Start”, which is an uplifting song that aims to instil a positive attitude in the face of adversity.

Who should watch it: For anyone who wants to be inspired or is already working towards their goal and needs a burst of extra motivation.

Itaewon Class | Watch Here

50 Shades Freed

50 Shades Freed is the third and final instalment of the erotic romance trilogy film, 50 Shade of Grey. Similar to the previous two series, 50 Shades Freed tells the story of the sexual experimentation of newlyweds Christian and Anastasia. However, in the third series, the characters have embarked on their married life. Have the couple left the shadowy pasts behind? Can their marriage weather the new threats? Will there be a happy ending for them?

Even if you are not into the titillating plot, the soundtrack on its own is amazing. We still have our favourite “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding from the previous two sequels and a new song “For you” by Liam Payne for our listening pleasure.

Who should watch it: To respect viewer censorship, please watch this show only if you are of age. Otherwise, it is a movie with a soothing soundtrack you can loop on Spotify all day.

50 Shades Freed | Watch Here

Always Be My Maybe

Childhood sweethearts, Sasha and Marcus, reconnect as adults in San Francisco after 15 years apart. Though old sparks are still present, they now belong to different worlds—Sasha is a high profile celebrity chef; while Marcus is a longtime struggling musician who works for his dad.

Weird characters and occasional petty bickers aside, the movie soundtrack is lined up with throwback grooves, hip-hop songs, and hilarious rapping by the male lead, Randall Park. You might find yourself grooving along to the rhythmic tunes when Marcus starts singing and rapping.

Who should watch it: If you are reunited with your childhood sweetheart and are thinking of getting together with him or her, we hope this show gives you good advice for your next steps.

Always Be My Maybe | Watch Here

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