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3 Original Singaporean Pilots Premiering on Latest Season 3 of HOOQ’s Filmmakers Guild

If you didn’t already know, HOOQ is a Singapore video-on-demand streaming service. It is also the first of its kind in Asia to launch across Southeast Asia and India.


A month ago the first-ever Singaporean original seriesーShe’s A Terrorist and I Love Her premiered and left fans yearning for more. They’ve gone even further to win Best Original Programme By A Streamer/OTT at the Regional Asian Academy Creative Awards 2019 and is now the most viewed series on HOOQ Singapore since its launch.

At the company’s annual HOOQ Filmmakers Guild, which is currently in its third season, six new pilots from the top screenplays were greenlighted amongst over 1,000 entries. These include The Minorities (Singapore), Laughter is All We Have (Singapore), Progress (Singapore), Carpioman (Philippines), Dead End High (Philippines) and Scholar (Thailand).


These pilots will stream on HOOQ’s platform in late April 2020 and the best performing title will be produced into a fully commissioned HOOQ Original Series. Moreover, the investment in the development of each pilot episode has been increased from USD $30,000 (S$41,904) to USD $40,000 (S$55,872) to further enhance the production standards of each pilot. Based on this, I can assure that you’ll be receiving nothing short of pure quality from these upcoming episodes.


Just so you know, the best performing title will be determined by evaluating the highest number of views on HOOQ at the end of the period, combined with scoring from a judging panel of top-calibre filmmakers and actors from around Asia. So, be sure to support our talented homegrown filmmakers by watching their pilots and help them accomplish their dreams of producing their own original series.

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