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10 Interesting Buys You Can Get From Metro-Lazada Mall Now

I remember the glory days of departmental store Metro, and how strolling through its aisles were a common family activity. Even if you leave empty-handed, spending an hour or two at departmental stores just window shopping can be therapeutic and fun.

Though only two brick-and-mortar Metro stores remain—Causeway Point and Paragon—you can still get the same deals online. Unbeknownst to many, Metro has actually hopped on the Lazada bandwagon and now has its own Flagship Store on LazMall.

To honour our fond memories of Metro, we’ve picked out 10 interesting and exciting buys you can get from Metro-Lazada today.

1. Iloom Disney Pooh Aco Chair

Credit – Lazada

Your little one deserves to have a comfortable spot to kick back and chill just as much as you do. This Iloom Aco Chair isn’t only cute, it also guarantees a snug fit that improves posture when used. The chair is also designed with a large, sturdy base to prevent children from falling while seated. Choose from a range of beloved characters such as Pooh’s trusty pal Piglet or Sulley from Monsters Inc.

Iloom Disney Pooh Aco Chair | Buy Here

2. Egmont Honeydew Honey

Credit – Lazada

For some reason, there seems to be an awfully large variety of honey available on Metro—who knew? Either way, if you’re frankly quite tired of the same ol’ Manuka Honey gracing your cereal every morning, give this unique Egmont Honeydew Honey a chance for a gastronomical experience that’s different but equally saccharine.

Egmont Honeydew Honey | Buy Here

3. Backjoy Adjustable Massage Balls

Credit – Lazada

Knead out the knots and aches on your back and shoulders with these massage balls that don’t require relief at someone else’s expense (or weary fingers). Whether it’s a post-work out wind down that you need or simply a midday pick-me-up, the massaging quality of these balls will do just the trick. Plus, who’s to say you can’t use them for more…carnal activities?

Backjoy Adjustable Massage Balls | Buy Here

4. Ototo Barry Cheese and Vegetable Grater

Credit – Lazada

You’re tired of having to choose between aesthetics and functionality, and it shows. Meet Barry in this Ototo Barry Cheese and Vegetable Grater as he demonstrates the perfect balance of cute and efficiency in the kitchen. And they say that the perfect grater doesn’t exist.

Ototo Barry Cheese and Vegetable Grater | Buy Here

5. Sisley Soapless Facial Cleansing Bar

Credit – Lazada

Soap-based products are cost-efficient, but can sometimes be more damaging to the skin than we’d like. Dermatologists have long warned against the use of soap, especially for eczema patients. Soapless products are also gentler on the skin, devoid of the drying effects of regular soap.

Sisley Soapless Facial Cleansing Bar | Buy Here

6. Mayer Steamboat with Grill

Credit – Lazada

Elevate your Mookata experience with this steamboat and grill rolled into one which, really, seems more of a reverse Mookata grill. It features a pot for your broth and an outer ring as a grill, unlike typical Mookata grills that are built otherwise. This 2-in-1 contraption allows you to enjoy piping hot noodle soup with grilled bacon strips on the side, and if that isn’t bliss, then I don’t know what is.

Mayer Steamboat with Grill | Buy Here

7. Vermogen Reversible Fashion Mask

Credit – Lazada

Face masks now have increasing importance in our daily lives, while the need for makeup has been dwindling at a dangerously fast pace. No one knows exactly how long more we will have to don masks in public, but it’s certain that we will have to learn to live with it for a substantial amount of time. Invest in a mask that gives you two looks for the price of one—business in the front, and party on the flip side.

Vermogen Reversible Fashion Mask | Buy Here

8. Grunn i7-Gyrobot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Credit – Lazada

After having stayed at home for an extended period of time, many are noticing dusty corners and obscure crannies that they paid little attention to before Circuit Breaker. Thus arises the need for an automatic vacuum cleaner that keeps your place spick and span while also covering the hard-to-reach areas. There is (almost) no price tag too hefty for a peace of mind and pristine living conditions.

Grunn i7-Gyrobot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner | Buy Here

9. La Gourmet Trudeau Spiral Slicer

Credit – Lazada

If, for some reason, you’ve always needed spiral-cut greens for that fancy schmancy meal, you can now achieve that with ease using this spiral slicer. Try vegetable noodles as an interesting, carb-free alternative or toss them into your dishes as a way to add more vegetables into your diet. The possibilities are endless.

La Gourmet Trudeau Spiral Slicer | Buy Here

10. Peleg Wuff ‘n’ Go Dog Travel Bowl Set

Credit – Lazada

No list would be complete without something for your furry friend. If your pet happens to be a kibble vacuum and finds the need to snack at all times of the day, then having a travel bowl on you might come in handy. It opens up to become a bowl for food and water for your furkid, and folds flat into a size that fits nicely into your pocket for storage.

Peleg Wuff ‘n’ Go Dog Travel Bowl Set | Buy Here

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