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Fitbit Charge 4 Review: The Fitness Tracker That Keeps On Giving

We might be easing out of Circuit Breaker but as urbanites, staying productive at the top of our game is always important. What better way to achieve productivity than with a smart tool like the newest Fitbit Charge 4. Here’s 5 ways how.

1. Power Naps and Sleep

Sleep is key to anything and everything—from health and fitness to brain function. It is a time where the housekeeping in our body takes place. However, as occupied citizens, we often need to accomplish an impossibly vast amount of workload in a ridiculously short period; therefore, our sleep usually takes a backseat.

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With Fitbit Charge 4, you can monitor your sleep, set sleep goals, monitor the sleep stages, and even set bedtime reminders. You can achieve this by simply wearing the wrist device to bed, and it can help track your sleep cycle.

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There are four main stages of sleep; awake, rapid eye movement (REM), light sleep, and deep sleep. During the night, your body cycles through the various stages—primarily shuffling between light and deep sleep.

Remember to sync your smartwatch with the Fitbit app to allow you to record your daily statistics which helps the app to evaluate the quantity and quality of sleep you are getting. Of course, that being said, please remember to strap on the device before heading off to lalaland.

2. Meditate and Relax

Easing back to office life can lead to stress and anxiety. Fitbit has introduced a new feature called Relax. It is currently available on devices such as Charge 4, Charge 3, Versa series, and Inspire HR.

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It is a personalised guided breathing session that helps you find calmness amidst the hustle. Based on your real-time heart rate, it measures your heart rate variability and determines a comfortable breathing rate for you. All it takes is two to five minutes to follow a simple breathing exercise, you can do this while commuting, in the toilet, or anytime you are alone.

3. Eating Right

Apart from sufficient rest and an active lifestyle, proper nutrition forms a vital part of a wholesome lifestyle. It promotes strong bones, better emotional health, and improved memory.

The app allows you to log in to your food intake, mark them as a meal or a snack, to track your intake of calories. The localised app has a catalogue of standard food such as Fried Bee Hoon, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and even Kaya Toast. It might sound like a cumbersome task to record your daily meal. Still, given the extensive list, it is definitely not a hassle.

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If you are looking for inspiration to spice up your meal, feel free to visit the Fitbit blog for suggestions of tasty, healthy recipes. These dishes are curated for busy people like us; they require few ingredients and are fast and easy to prepare.

4. Home Workouts

When we talk about embarking on a healthy lifestyle, our first instinct is to work out. While there are some programmed workouts in the Fitbit app, users are required to download a Fitbit coach app. However, you have to complete a “Fit Test” before you can unlock other exercises.

Alternatively, if you want greater access to thousands of workouts, you can subscribe to the Live Healthy SG initiative at a monthly rate of approximately S$10 a month.

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5. Drink, Drink, Drink

Keeping hydrated is so important, especially in a hot and humid country like Singapore. There are many benefits to staying hydrated, such as regulating body temperature, proper functioning of our organs, and boosting our metabolism—yes, drink up people!

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Similar to the food intake feature, the Fitbit app allows you to log in your daily water intake and set our goals.

Fitbit Charge 4 is lightweight, sleek, and goes well with almost any outfit. Wait no further, the Charge 4 and Charge 4 Special Edition is already available for purchase at major retail stores in Singapore and online.

Price: S$248 (Charge 4) and S$278 (Charge 4 Special Edition)

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