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A Local’s Guide To Universal Studios Singapore: Go After Hours & Escape The Queues

Universal Studios Singapore Ride Guide + After Hours Visit

Universal Studios is the biggest theme park in Singapore, located at Resorts World Sentosa.

I’ve been to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) about six times now. Out of those six times, I was fortunate enough to use the Express Pass once. Other than that, I am all too familiar with the long queues at Universal Studios Singapore.

Universal express passes are extremely pricey, ranging from S$60 – S$100 top up (depending on the peak period dates) to skip queues.

Thankfully, the Universal After Hours program is another option. Thanks to this night program, you can avoid those long queues that take up 90% of your time at USS just queuing. I went for Universal After Hours for the first time on a Friday evening with my friends and this was way better than my previous day time visits.

Credit – Resorts World Sentosa

Basically, instead of visiting the theme park only during the day, Universal After Hours has special night shows and also allows you to stay in the park and enjoy the rides till 10pm on Fridays, Saturdays and selected Public Holidays.

This way, you would be avoiding those annoying endless long queues brought about by the afternoon peak period. And imagine how cool it would be to explore USS at night especially to see the night parade and fireworks. On top of that, you would not have to worry about the HOT WEATHER ruining your visit!

Usually, in the afternoons, waiting times vary from 35 to 50 minutes (sometimes even more). During Universal After Hours, waiting times varied from 5 to 10 minutes. What. A. Blessing.

Credit- Resorts World Sentosa

Looking at the USS map, I can understand if it can be a little overwhelming. With a total of 28 rides, shows, and attractions in seven themed zones, where do you even start?

This Universal Studios Singapore guide will be giving you a better idea of all seven zones, and which rides you must try (or skip) so that you can maximize your visit. (p.s: I’m very proud of the photos I took, just saying).

–Rides At Universal Studios Singapore–

Sci-Fi City: Battlestar Galactica HUMAN VS. CYLON (Must Try)

The world’s tallest duelling roller coaster stands at 42.5 meters and can be found in Singapore.

I’ve probably sat on the Battlestar Galactica at least 15 times and I gotta tell ya, that 14-story drop (which was terrifying at first) never gets boring.

Typical waiting time: 30-40 minutes

Universal After Hours: 10 minutes

Sci-Fi City: Transformers the Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle (Recommended)

Heads up, this ride is probably the one with the longest waiting time- longest I’ve seen during the day is 90 minutes. So thank goodness for Universal After Hours because we only waited for 10 minutes in line.

The immersive Transformers ride is not a roller coaster so if you do have a fear of heights, you don’t need to worry about this one. The virtual visuals and the mechanical stimulation from your seat is AWESOME and people of all ages will enjoy this one (I know because my dad enjoyed this ride).

Typical waiting time: 40-50 minutes

Universal After Hours: 5-10 minutes

Sci-Fi City: Accelerator

Next to Battlestar Galactica is the Accelerator- a ride that keeps you spinning and twirling round in circles. I personally am not a fan of the constant spinning and the dizzying lights that are parts of rides like this.

Typical waiting time: 30 minutes

Universal After Hours: 5 minutes

Ancient Egypt: Revenge of The Mummy (Must Try)

This high-speed indoor rollercoaster has an added thrill factor because it’s in complete darkness.  I personally hate being in the dark so my first time on Revenge Of The Mummy took a huge toll on me.

Typical waiting time: 30- 40 minutes

Universal After Hours: 10 minutes

Ancient Egypt: Treasure Hunter

Drive through an abandoned excavation site in ancient Egypt. This is a great ride to get on if you need to calm your heart down after sitting on The Mummy ride.

Typical waiting time: 30 minutes

Universal After Hours: 5 minutes

The Lost World: Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure (Recommended)

In Jurassic Park, you can experience a river rafting ride that ends with a 12-meter drop. The first part of the ride you’re basically just helplessly drifting on water in a round raft. The raft is then carried into a dark elevator and brought up to an estimated height of 12 meters.

The steep drop ends with you getting almost completely drenched so just prepare yourself for that.

Typical waiting time: 50-60 minutes

Universal After Hours: 15 minutes

The Lost World: Canopy Flyer (Recommended)

Soar over The Lost World and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the zone with either a front or back view. Canopy Flyer is the park’s shortest ride at only 53 seconds.

Usually, waiting times go up to 50 minutes in the day but during Universal After hours, we only had to wait for five minutes. Yes. FIVE.

Typical waiting time: 45-50 minutes

Universal After Hours: 5-10 minutes

The Lost World: Dino-soarin

Credit- Resorts World Sentosa

This kid-favourite is nestled away in The Lost World, next to Canopy Flyer. Riders can pilot their own Pteranodon and fly above the park’s grounds.

Typical waiting time: 20-30 minutes

Universal After Hours: 10-15 minutes

Far Far Away: Enchanted Airways (Recommended)

Located in the Far Far Away zone is the Enchanted Airways.

This roller coaster, although catered more to kids, is still pretty fun and one that I always enjoy. It doesn’t have any sudden or intense drops so it would be a great “starter” ride.

Typical waiting time: 35 minutes

Universal After Hours: 10 minutes

Far Far Away: Shrek 4D Adventure (Recommended)

A 4D movie with a lil’ extra oomph. The theatre seats move in sync with the movie’s actions- adding to the overall theatricality and delightful enjoyment of the movie. It’s pretty chill compared to the Transformers ride.

Typical waiting time: 30-40 minutes

Universal After Hours: 5-10 minutes

Far Far Away: Puss in Boots Giant Journey

Deep in Far Far Away is the world’s first Puss In Boots-themed suspended roller coaster. Debuting back in 2015, this kid-friendly roller coaster is relatively new. The roller coaster brings riders up a giant beanstalk and the ride down is fun without being scary- making it great for kids who want to be more adventurous.

Typical waiting time: 40-50 minutes

Universal After Hours: 5 minutes

Far Far Away: Magic Potion Spin

Credit- Resorts World Sentosa

This miniature ferris wheel is located in Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop (something I didn’t know till my last trip to Universal Studios).

Typical waiting time: 20 minutes

Universal After Hours: 5-10 minutes

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure (For Kids)

In the Madagascar zone, is another ride that kids gravitate towards. Sit back and relax while you go on an adventure with Marty, Alex, Melman and Gloria. However, if you want more thrilling-adrenaline pumping rides, you probably won’t enjoy this one.

Typical waiting time: 30 minutes

Universal After Hours: 10 minutes

Madagascar: King Julien’s Beach Party-Go Round

A carousel ride with the characters from Madagascar- pretty straightforward stuff.

Typical waiting time: 30 minutes

Universal After Hours: 5 minutes

New York: Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase

Fly through space on a mission with Elmo.

Typical waiting time: 10-15 minutes

Universal After Hours: 5 minute

–Universal After Hours Parade & Fireworks–

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to attractions. If you’re an adrenaline junkie then rides like Battlestar Galactica and Revenge of The Mummy definitely need to be on your hit-list. If you’re not much of a ride person, there are also plenty of performances, shows and meet & greets (make sure to get a schedule pamphlet when you first arrive so you don’t miss anything and can plan your day accordingly). It’s a different program at night including fireworks!

Kicking off the After Hours program is the Hollywood Dreams Light-Up Parade, which starts at 7:30pm from Lost World to Hollywood.

The parade was beautiful, with appearances from all the characters that are featured at Universal Studios. See floats and dancers shimmering in neon hues and light magic.

Catch performers parading through the streets and groove along with characters from Madagascar as well as experience an epic chase from between a T-rex and Jurassic Park rangers.

Throughout the night, guests can enjoy dinner or have some drinks while listening to live band performances too.

The Fireworks Spectacular ends off the night – this is one big show you can’t get during teh day. Everyone gathered outside Mel’s Diner and sat back to enjoy the five-minute long fireworks show.

Overall, if you really want to make the most of your admission ticket, Universal After Hours is the way to go. This way, you don’t need to fork out another S$70 for Universal Express Unlimited passes since queues are really short.

Overall, we had a great time at Universal Studios Singapore especially their After Hours programs; I’m still surprised at how short the queues were! The After Hours program really will help you make the most of your ticket. Hopefully this ride guide helps you maximize your time at the park and have fun!

Do keep in mind that Universal After Hours programs only takes place on Fridays and Saturdays, and selected public holidays 5pm onwards. Whether you would like to visit in the day or after hours, you’re bound to have a great time.

Disclaimer: This ride guide is based off my personal preferences. If you have a fear of heights or you just hate rollercoasters, you’re most likely not gonna agree with this.

Credit – RWS Blog

Other Tips & Tricks For Universal Studios Singapore

  1. Get the day’s program guide to know the daily timings of meet and greets and shows
  2. Wear comfortable, loose clothes; it’s really hot in Singapore
  3. Wear fitted shoes and avoid slippers as they might fall off some rides.
  4. Weekends, school holidays and public holidays are the most crowded
  5. Minimize bringing bags as you can’t take them up on ride; you can use the park lockers which are chargeable at S$4 for an hour
  6. There are water fountains around the park so you don’t need a bottle
  7. Check the queue time board and plan your trip around the shorter lines
  8. Pay extra for Express Pass to use the fast lanes
  9. Strollers can be rented, prices start from S$10
  10. USS Re-entry is possible, just get a hand stamp on your way out and keep your entry ticket to return on the same day

New Things To Look Forward To

Credit- Resorts World Sentosa

Two brand new themed lands will be arriving in the future; Minion Park and Super Nintendo World as an expansion to Universal Studios Singapore. These two new zones will feature new restaurants, shops and immersive rides. The new areas are expected to finish construction between 2020 and 2025.

Fans of Nintendo video games, myself included, are going to go nuts once we step into the recreation of the iconic landscapes of Mario games. Locations included are Princess Peach’s castle, Bowser’s Castle and Toad House. If they decide to include Mario Kart, I’m never leaving USS. Minion Park will be replacing the current Madagascar zone.

Entry prices: S$75 for one day pass | Buy Tickets via Klook |  Buy Tickets via RWS

Express pass prices: S$60 – S$100 (price fluctuates based on peak) | Buy Express Pass via Klook
*If buying an express pass via RWS, the express pass add-on is on the next page after selecting ticket and date.

Opening hours: 10am – 7/10pm; depending on peak period; After Hours: 5pm – 10pm| check the USS planner.

Universal Studios Singapore: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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