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Shiseido X The Alley Lauches Bubble Tea And Makeup Collaboration In Japan

Makeup and bubble tea may be two of the things the average girl needs daily. What happens, when these two collide?

Credit – Shiseido

Introducing ARTISTARMAKE, a collaboration between Japanese makeup giant Shiseido and famous Taiwanese bubble tea chain THE ALLEY. Together, they have produced a series of makeup tools released in Japan.

Credit – Shiseido

Credit – Shiseido

The first item in this collaboration is a two-in-one eyeliner. One side of the pen is a normal liquid eyeliner, and the other is a star-shaped stamp for you to add some personality to your eyes. The eyeliner is available in three different color sets and is based on different berries- black eyeliner with blackberry stars, brown eyeliner with raspberry stars, and green liner with blueberry stars. Each eyeliner costs ¥1296 (approximately S$16).


Credit – Shiseido

Another item in this collaboration is this shimmering eyeshadow that is available in three colours – milk white, peach pink, and cassis purple. Each eyeshadow will be available at ¥1058 (approximately S$13) each.

Credit – Shiseido

You may also purchase these beauty products in a set, courtesy of  WATASHI PLUS. You will get both the eyeliner and the eyeshadow, together with a complimentary pouch for ¥2354 (approximately S$30). The only catch, is that you cannot mix and match the color of the eyeliners with the color of the eyeshadow.

Credit – THE ALLEY

Of course, since it’s a bubble tea collaboration there will be a limited edition bubble tea flavour from The Alley just for this promotion. The Raspberry Peach Star is a glittery drink that comes with a star-shaped cookie. At all THE ALLEY stores in Japan, you will also be able to test out the makeup products. This campaign will last from 20 June – 31 July.

Sadly, this promotion is only happening in Japan. But since we have both of these brands here in Singapore, who knows if we’ll see this campaign as well. One can only hope.

Price:¥1296 (eyeliner), ¥1058 (eyeshadow),  ¥2354 (eyeliner + eyeshadow + pouch)

Dates: 20 June – 31 July 2019.

ARTISTARMAKE: Website | All THE ALLEY Stores in Japan

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