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Havaianas X Stranger Things Flip-Flops Feature The Iconic 80s – Available In Singapore

While we are eagerly waiting for season 3 of Stranger Things which is set to release on Netfllix on July 4, the sci-fi hit show has teased us with yet another collaboration (previously with NIKE); this time, with popular slipper brand Havaianas. The slippers will be available at the Havaianas outlet in Bugis for S$50.

Credit – Havaianas

Credit – Havaianas

There will be two designs in this collaboration. The first design will feature a black strap with Havaianas spelt out in red while the sole is filled with icons from the show, such as Dustin’s cap, the Demogorgon’s face, the Hawkins Sherriff’s badge as well as the Eggo waffles that the female protagonist Eleven likes to eat, just to name a few.

Credit – Havaianas

The other design in this collaboration is a take on the ‘Upside Down’, the fictional alternate dimension in the show. One side of the slipper will feature the gang on their bikes and the other side will feature Eleven and the Demogorgon in the Upside Down.

And it doesn’t stop there. Havaianas took it a step further and made a promotional film for this collaboration, suggesting that “stranger things” were not just happening in the USA in 1985, but also in Brazil which is the birthplace of the Havaianas. The news video is in Portuguese too, further adding a realistic touch. What does it all mean though?

The obscure reference ties back to Havaianas’ roots which include a “strange” 80s Brazilian culture, where flip-flop wearers would remove the foot strap of the shoe and flip the base around, hence also mirroring the “Upside Down” in Stranger Things.

What do you think of this collaboration? Well, I am so (upside)down to buy a pair.

Price: S$50

Havaianas X Stranger Things: The All Havaianas Store, 200 Victoria St, #02-20 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021 | Tel: 6251 8100

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