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Catch This Travelling Time Capsule Exhibition Of Singapore In Your Neighbourhood

Credit – National Heritage Board

What was Singapore like fifty years ago? What was life like for Singaporeans before World War II? Ever wanted to school the young’uns on what a pager looks like?

This exhibition, titled Frozen In Time: Time Capsules In Singapore, produced by the National Heritage Board will start its island-wide tour of the exhibition from now till November 2018.

Credit – National Heritage Board

Did you know, since the 19th century, there have been over 50 time capsules created and buried under our feet? Some have been uncovered, some displayed, and some till this day remain buried for future generations.

While some items in these capsules are not commonly thought of as treasures (with some items even devolving to become obsolete in our technological landscape), they nonetheless tell the story of life in Singapore over the years and bear witness to our nation’s development.

Credit – National Heritage Board

If you’ve ever wanted to tangibly see how far we’ve come, this exhibition might be the perfect opportunity. Makes you wonder why putting in a Super Simon game set was a good idea though.

Dates & Times: 8 November 2017 – 29 November 2018 (Various timings according to schedule

Price: Free

Frozen In Time- Time Capsules In Singapore: Various Locations | Website

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