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Stringwares: Visit Singapore’s First Customised Bead Bar To Create A Bracelet That’s Uniquely Yours

I’m a big fan of sprezzatura, an Italian term for the art of looking effortless in anything a person does; and I find that having a bracelet on my wrist adds a certain flair without too much effort on my part.

But the issue comes when I want to get a bracelet, because my wrists are incredibly tiny, and most bracelets off the shelves don’t fit me as snugly as I would want them to.

Stringwares is the solution for all my tiny-wrist friends out there. At Singapore’s first customised bead bar, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bracelet that you don’t like, and even if you do, you can always create one that’s exactly to your liking.

I get most of my clothes and accessories made to measure due to my small frame, so why not a bracelet too?

It’s a little difficult to find the shop, located in a commercial property at Raeburn Park, but once you locate it, you walk into a small, cosy space that instantly sets you at ease.

With plenty of bracelets and individual beads on display, there’s inspiration aplenty for any visitor looking to create their own bracelet from scratch.

I had a look through the different clipboards displaying the charms and some of the regular pieces on the website before deciding to go with a twist of the standard Skullknight in Royal Raven.

It felt a little too dark for me so I chose to swap out the black Swarovski skull charm for the same charm, but in a clear patina-ed crystal.

Blue is my favourite colour and I loved the look of the Tiger’s Eye beads in blue, a dark bead with swirls of blue that showed up under direct light, so I stuck with those, opting to change out the hematite beads for stainless steel beads to brighten up the look of the bracelet.

Once you’ve chosen your beads and charm, you’ll get your wrist measured and you can request a snug fit or something more relaxed. After that, just sit back and chill while the co-founders string up your beads into the bracelet of your dreams.

It took around half an hour for the entire process because I was pretty undecided on which charm I wanted to go with, but if you already have an idea, it’ll definitely be a lot faster.

And with that, my bracelet was done! The fit was absolutely spot on and the advice given by the co-founders Shannon and Aloysius was pretty essential in helping me decide on what would fit best for my daily outfits. True enough, I have been wearing the bracelet almost every day because it just fits perfectly with what I wear.

It’s by appointment only, so remember to head on over to the website and book a timeslot before going down.

For anybody out there who loves jazzing up your outfits with an accessory, bracelet fans or even people who have been avoiding bracelets because of their small wrists, Stringwares is a godsend, and there’s no doubt that I’ll be returning soon to get another bracelet done!

Price: Starting from S$42

Stringwares: #04-03B, Block A 10 Raeburn Park, Singapore 088702 | Website | Facebook

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