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“THARMAN IS MY DADDY” & Other S**t People Say On The Nomination Day Live Stream

Just about everyone around me was tuned into Tuesday’s live stream of Nomination Day. Typically, candidates are given until Nomination Day to decide whether they will be campaigning for a seat in parliament. Come Nomination Day, they must fill in the necessary forms and paperwork, and once everything has been inspected and submitted, they are then free to campaign until Polling Day.

Usually, it is common to see rallies and walkabouts during this crucial period, as many make a last ditch attempt to rally for as many votes as possible. However, things are a little different this year. Because COVID-19 has forced us all inside, speeches and online rallies are instead held on free-to-air National Television and livestreams. The perk of this is that we get to capture gems like these hilarious comments to come.

Here are some comments we found on The Straits Times’ live stream for you to chuckle to.

1. “PV and SDA no time to submit candidate photo”

Screengrab from Nomination Day Live Stream

The icons for some candidates were left as a silhouette due to The Straits Times not being able to get a hold of their images in time. “PV and SDA no time to submit candidate photo,” commented YouTube user Leslie Lye.

I’m sure that’s because the candidates were occupied with other more pressing issues, Leslie. Such as manifestos and campaigning, for example.

2. “What is this potato quality”

Screengrab from Nomination Day Live Stream

When it was Teo Chee Hean’s turn to say a few words at Saint Anthony’s Canossian Primary School, it seemed that netizens were more concerned about how his footage was terribly backlit. “What is this potato quality?” was the golden question of the minute.

“Look at the background, look like in heaven,” commented user Jeromesim.

Others chimed in to air their grievances about the poor quality, adding in remarks like “recorded on nokia” and “can broadcast with higher quality please?”

3. “Liverpool win lge already doesn’t mean you will win this election”

Apparently user deathdragonslayer1 had a bone to pick with Mr Tan Chuan-Jin and his favourite football club.

The full comment reads,

“tcj, dun take your eye off the ball. Liverpool win lge already doesn’t mean you will win this election. Stay humble”.

…Because those two things are closely correlated. Though I do appreciate his consistency with the football analogy.

We just want to let Mr Tan know that he’ll never walk alone.

4. “I like Mr Sitoh smile…look like the god of fortune…”

As the Chinese like to say, “財神到!” (cai shen dao), which translates to, “The God of Fortune is here!”

Leslie Lye strikes again with his eloquent comments. Maybe he sincerely thought he had a chance to huat in writing that comment.

Credit – Jalan Besar Town Council

Here is Mr Sitoh’s picture for your reference. God of fortune or not, you be the judge.

5. “Their clothings are different shades of white”

Singapore’s Anna Wintour aka Mick Foo has duly pointed out that candidates from the PAP were donning white clothes that were not identical down to their shade. Probably one of the most harmless forms of shade thrown at PAP, if you know what I mean.

Screengrab from Nomination Day Live Stream

Bernard Chan had a very practical explanation for Mick’s observation, being the laundry expert that he is.

“Mick Foo, they use different brand of detergent mah,” he wrote. Thank you for your service, Bernard.

6. “Always say wanna walk the ground lol where else u wanna walk the ceiling”

Some really big brain action coming from Raf Rolls. It really makes you think.

7. “Bro Lee this election going to give u clear mandate”

First off, can we acknowledge how much chaotic energy is running through this comment starting right from “Bro Lee”?

Nonetheless, Lim Kim Cheng Winston has exuded a fine balance of solidarity, authority, and empathy all within the same sentence. He is what Grammarly wishes it was.

8. “They stand behind look like want to go pang sai”

I assume Bernard Chan meant that they need to ‘tahan’ (to tolerate) until “talk finish” by holding in their “pang sai”.

Screengrab from Nomination Day Live Stream

I’m not exactly sure what a “pang sai” face is, but I’m guessing that Bernard has a knack for pointing them out. Watch out Bernard, SGSecure wants to know your location.

9. “This one look a bit like Nicole Seah at this angle but older version”

When it was Ms Carrie Tan Huimin’s turn to speak, user Ho Sey compared her to Nicole Seah, but the “older version”.

Credit – PAP

It’s never okay to pit women against each other, especially on a basis that has nothing to do with their competence as a candidate. Ho Sey, you can do better.


User ssvegeto has very strong feelings about Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam and it shows. You do you, sis.

11. “Ho Sey are you related to Ho Ching”

With Ong Ye Kung recently revealing that PAP’s new face Xie Yao Quan is indeed his cousin and other relationships surfacing as of late, there’s no telling where relations might pop up.

Ho Sey Claps Back

“Lol are u related to alvin and chipmunk,” rebutts Ho Sey, referencing Theodore Seville, one of Alvin’s brothers in the movie “Alvin and the Chipmunks”.

This is what you get for engaging in unhealthy female comparison, Ho Sey.

12. “Why they never use disposable microphones?”

Master of engineering and physics Mick Foo sounds out. Take note, ST Engineering.

13. “My ah ma also asked where to get free adult diapers?”

Goodness, time and place, Claire! I believe what you’re looking for is the SingHealth website instead?

14. “Boss character appeared”

When PM Lee stepped up to the mic, John S implied that the other MPs were merely mini characters to beat before you eventually reach PM Lee, the boss character in his eyes.

Much like video games, some hierarchy of sorts does exist in any political party. Unlike video games, you don’t get a shower of XP points once you’ve cleared the boss character phase. Who knew?

15. “Ah loong pls legalize vape can?”

Ah, the YP strikes again. Between asking people to “stng rokok leh” and illegally whizzing through the streets of Yishun on their (banned) PMDs, the YP occasionally rises to petition for their vaping rights.

Thoughts and prayers with you, Toobielove.

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