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| On 10 months ago

Gotta Catch ‘Em All — Top 6 Must-Buys From Pokémon’s Shopee Store

With so many brick and mortar businesses crumbling under the weight of COVID-19, it is no wonder how businesses have evolved and saught refuge in online platforms. Lo and behold, the Pokémon Store—home to our favourite Japanese Pocket Monsters—can be now found on Shopee.

Credit – Pokémon Singapore

Here are our 6 top picks from their online Shopee store.

1. Life-Sized Soft Stuffed Psyduck (Pre-order)

Credit – Pokémon Singapore

This giant plushie is almost a metre tall (80 cm × 54 cm × 76 cm) and weights heavier than an infant at 6 kg. From now to 5 July 2020, you can preorder them from the Shopee store. However, your life-sized friend is only expected to be delivered to your homes around December 2020.

Credit – Pokémon Singapore

Buy Here

Price: S$399

2. Soft Toy Cabin Attendant Pikachu: Singapore Version

As you daydream about your next holiday, get a mini reminder of your globe-trotting ways. Reminisce soon-to-return travel and friendly Singapore airline crew with these uniquely Singapore flight attendant Pikachus!

Credit – Pokémon Singapore

It is available as both a mini soft toy or a keychain.

Soft toy | Buy Here

Key chain | Buy Here

Price: S$28 (Soft toy), S$18 (Key chain)

3. Pikachu Ears Backpack

Credit – Pokémon Singapore

Always wished you could have your Pikachu and wear it too? This backpack features two protruding ears and Pikachu’s signature brown stripes that makes him oh-so recognisable. There is also a lightning detailed zip on the outer compartment.

Carrying it will bound to make you feel like Ash Ketchum giving Pikachu a piggyback ride. Any takers?

Buy Here

Price: S$70 (S) and S$75 (M)

4. 13″ Tablet Laptop Case: Snorlax’s Yawn

Credit – Pokémon Singapore

This Laptop case is a whole mood in itself. Besides featuring a yawning Snorlax—which is way too relatable sometimes, it has 2 compartments and can fit a 13-inch laptop.

Buy Here

Price: S$50

5. Pokémon Fit Plush Ditto

Credit – Pokémon Singapore

Shaped like a cloud, ditto is neutral in gender and species. Place this on your couch or work chair for a companion that’s both comfortable and adorable.

Buy Here

Price: S$19

6. Poké Ball Poké Plush Keychain

Nothing screams Pokemon fundamentals like a poke ball does. With it, you can surely catch ‘em all.

Credit – Pokémon Singapore

Buy Here

Price: S$ 10

Pokemon Singapore x Shopee | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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