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Download Pokémon Smile Now And Save Pokémon As You Brush Your Teeth

The act of brushing teeth was quite a chore when I was younger and I feel the same despite being older. Imagine your sleep laced eyes on the brink of closing and your body is just too exhausted to make those mere ten steps to the toilet, but you must. Let Pokémon Smile motivate you to brush your teeth through the gamification of this mundane task.

Credit – The Pokémon Company

Whether is it for personal use or for your child, the augmented reality application first detects the face and place a Pokémon cap on the head. In the virtual game, the player is transformed into a superhero tasked to rescue creatures like Pikachu, Eevee, and Bulbasaur by brushing the purple cavity off a set of teeth on screen. After completing the task, the player has successfully defeated the cavity-causing bacteria and the Pokémon is saved.

Similar to typical Pokémon, Pokémon Smile is a multi-level game. To complete your Pokédex, consistency is key; players need to be regular and dilligent in brushing their teeth. Besides, the more Pokémon you save, the more Pokémon Caps you have unlocked; which means more fun and unique hats to be worn while brushing your teeth.

Credit – The Pokémon Company

How can parents not take pictures of their cute brushing masters in the adorable Pokémon hats? The app allows you to preset a photo-taking function to snap some photos of your little hero in action.

Credit – The Pokémon Company

As this app is not a cavity-treating app, do ensure your child knows the proper brushing technique.

If you ever need any motivation to brush your teeth, Pokémon Smile is free and available for download from the App Store and Google Play. No more coaxing needed, let your child brush their way to a beautiful smile!

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