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Catch Em’ All With Razer’s Pikachu Wireless Earbuds & Your Very Own Poké Ball

“I wanna be the very best, like no one ever waaaaas. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause.”

Is this tune familiar to you? Because I couldn’t help but intensely sing-along just as I was typing it. Now, with Razer’s Pikachu Wireless Earbuds, you can associate all your songs with Pokémon rather than just its iconic theme song.


Though it’s no Master Ball, Razer’s special edition headphones are gloriously designed to mimic the Poké Ball—helping you live out your Ash Ketchum dreams. This is no amateur AirPod case, this is the real deal.

These earbuds are essentially a gratifying re-design of the Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds. It shares the same 13mm driver, IPX4 water resistance and Bluetooth 5.0 radio as the Hammerhead.

However, the voice prompts are replaced with Pikachu’s voice so you truly immerse yourself in your favourite childhood anime. It also comes with a wrist strap so you can flex it around town when COVID-19 is over and be the envy of all the Pokémon fans out there.


As tempting it may be, the Poké Ball is not designed to be thrown around so maybe just catch some sick tunes with them instead. After all, Pikachu is an electric type Pokémon so it won’t do much good tossing him and the ball around.

Sad to say, these unique earbuds are only available in China for 849rmb (S$171.54). But if you happen to have a good friend who resides there or have secret connections, you can get it off Tmall for 999rmb (S$201.85). 

Go ahead and rise to the top as the best Pokémon Trainer with these awesome new wireless buds that not only bring good music but also allow you to look cool while you’re at it.

Price: 849rmb/999rmb | S$171.54/S201.85

Razer’s Pikachu True Wireless Earbuds | Website

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