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ZARA China Launches New Pokémon Themed Boots For Females

Pokémon apparel has become a fashion symbol for many, but who would have expected a collaboration with one of the biggest mainstream fashion labels in the world–Pokémon has been incorporated into ZARA‘s latest boot collection for females and it is an eye ball-catching design.

Credit – ZARA China

This latest pair of boots features the signature red and white Poké Ball as the heel of the boots and the details on it are almost exactly the same as the ones we see in fiction.

Credit – ZARA China

These boots are designed with mesh fabric, with a narrow pointed tip. The height of the heel is approximately 5 cm, which makes it suitable for walking comfortably. Some may feel that it is less stable than a typical heel due to its round shape compared to stilettos, and it might take some time to get used to wearing it.

Credit – ZARA China

This unique boots collection is only sold on the ZARA China’s official website as of now and it is priced at RMB 359 (S$69.33). You can order it to Singapore via the Zara China’s official website or get a friend in China to purchase it for you.

ZARA Pokémon Boots: Website

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