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| On 2 weeks ago

Spice Up Your P.P.E Game With These Super Cool Face Shields

There is absolutely no doubt that wearing some type of personal protective equipment in public will be our reality until we find a vaccine for COVID-19, or at least until it is deemed safe to not do so. There are many different types of face masks available for retail now, but we do not come across face shields as often as they’re more commonly associated with medical use.

However, a Thai entrepreneur, Maysa Talerd, decided to spice up clear face shields by designing her own rendition of fictional characters—such as the Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, and countless other superheroes and supervillains—into stickers and pasting them onto shields to create super eye-catching protective equipment.

The inspiration behind her creativity was fuelled by wanting to encourage more people to protect themselves by wearing face shields. As a plain face shield might be too boring for most, she thought by applying designs onto the shields, more would be encouraged to wear them.

Her innovation proved right as she has been receiving orders to create 50-100 face shields at a time, which might lead to providing her with a steady income as toystores in Thailand have contacted her for wholesale as well.

She currently retails each face shield for 180 baht (approx. S$8) each.

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