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Play Rubber Wrestling Just Like In Primary School When You Download This Free App On Google Play Store

Back in primary school, the coolest kid in class was determined by the number of "eraser battles" victories he has…

2 years ago

The Lion King-Themed Monopoly Plays ‘Circle Of Life’ Song Available At Walmart On 22 Apr

The Lion King was a big part of my childhood, so imagine my delight when I discovered the remake of…

2 years ago

This Free Game Lets You Capture A Mysterious Thief & See Iconic Landmarks Across The Globe

Carmen Sandiego is back. For those unaware, Carmen Sandiego is a fictional character known as the world's most notorious thief.…

2 years ago

3 Viral Internet Challenges To Try: Dialling Cat’s Paw, Vans Challenge, Throwing Cheese At Babies

After the Kiki Challenge that exploded the internet, I never thought I'd find any other challenge more amusing. But once…

2 years ago

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