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3 Viral Internet Challenges To Try: Dialling Cat’s Paw, Vans Challenge, Throwing Cheese At Babies

After the Kiki Challenge that exploded the internet, I never thought I’d find any other challenge more amusing. But once again, netizens have outdone themselves.

I present to you three challenges to try at the start of 2019: throwing cheese at babies, dialling a cat’s paw and the Vans challenge. I promise, no babies or animals were harmed in this article.

1. Throwing Cheese At Babies

Just a disclaimer, this challenge is for fun and completely harmless. As the name suggests, it involves throwing a slice of cheese onto a baby face

Though it sounds thoroughly bizarre, the ensuing blank look on the baby’s face is to die for. Just check out the baby’s puzzled face trying to figure out what’s going on while we’re splitting our sides with laughter.

2. Vans Challenge

Word has it that no matter how you throw your Vans, they will always land face up. At least, that is what netizens are claiming. You must be thinking: “Really meh?”. That’s the mindset that compelled netizens to try it. No reason for us not to follow suit right?

We took it up a notch and decided to throw other brands of shoes too. In the video below, we threw a Puma and Adidas shoe. We were surprised that they also landed top up.

Both shoes had rubber base, and it led us to think that shoes with heavy bases were the reason it always lands face up. It certainly seems plausible as Vans are advertised as skateboard shoes with thicker soles to cushion the impact of the vigorous activity. Mystery solved!

3. Dialling A Cat’s Paw

Cat lovers are in luck. Now, you can get to hear your cat’s endearing purr whenever you tap on its paws, like pressing the digits on a phone. To get a better idea, watch the video below.

What an adorable sight, right? We decided to try it on our friendly neighbourhood cat to see if it works. Check out our attempt in the video.

Sadly, our attempt failed as the cat refused to purr. Sigh. I challenge you to do it on your cat and maybe prepare some cat treats to bribe those fur balls into a purr.

We had fun trying out these viral trends, except for throwing cheese on babies, cos my heart can’t bear to do it.

As always, do these challenges in the spirit of fun and never at the expense of making others miserable. That said, have fun and let us know what other challenges you’d like us to try.

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