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Play Rubber Wrestling Just Like In Primary School When You Download This Free App On Google Play Store

Back in primary school, the coolest kid in class was determined by the number of “eraser battles” victories he has under his belt and the countries he has in his arsenal. This nostalgic game has taken a modern leap into a digital game named Rubber Wrestling, which is available for download on Google Play Store.

Here, we have an intense battle between Thailand and the Philippines.

The controls were simple. Tap on the erasers and swipe it in the directions you want. A green indicator in the middle will show you the strength applied on the eraser, so the longer you hold down the eraser, the further it flies.

Check out this air time shot of the Thailand eraser. It took quite a while to get an accurate feel of how much power to use on the erasers, even then the game wasn’t very precise in capturing the direction I wanted my eraser to go as there were several instances the eraser flew in the opposite direction of my finger swipe.

Unlike most competitive games, Rubber Wrestling’s CPU doesn’t decide the victory and we could still play on even after having one eraser on top of the other. This could definitely be a room for improvement on the developer’s part.

Despite its minor flaws, Rubber Wrestling hit the right spots by providing some nostalgic, light-hearted fun. This is the kind of game that keeps boredom at bay when you have time to kill. Right now it’s only available on Google Play Store so Apple users will have to wait.

Dates & Times: Now available on Google Play Store

Prices: Free

Rubber Wrestling: Google Play Store

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