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| On 2 years ago

Strap On The Star Wars EZ-Charm Wearables Available On Shopee This 26 Apr

May the fourth is dawning upon us soon and as the big day inches closer, it’s time to celebrate with the STAR WARS EZ-Charm Wearables available on Shopee from 26 April 2019, 9am onwards.

Fans will be thrilled to have another Star Wars merchandise in their arsenal. It works exactly like an EZ-Link card. Simply attach them onto your watch straps and tap in and out of public transports in a breeze; no more digging around for your wallet.

Now comes the toughest part: choosing a side. The Star Wars EZ-Charm Wearables are available in the form of First Order and Rebel Alliance. Opt for the First Order design if you admire their dominance and the ingenious strategies.

Ride with the Rebel Alliance if you believe in righteousness and fervent gallantry. No matter which one you choose, they are both brilliant additions with how good they look.

Dates & Times: Available From 26 April 2019, 9am onwards on Shopee

Prices: S$19.90 per EZ-Charm

Star Wars EZ-Charm: Shopee

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