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Spotify Saturdays with SGAG Personality, Filmmaker, & Singer Annette Lee

With acting, singing, song-writing, producing, and filmmaking under her belt, SGAG’s Annette Lee has shown us that there’s just about nothing she can’t do. The multi-faceted entertainer wears many hats⁠—but many will recognise her from the screen of SGAG, a popular Singaporean entertainment channel.

Annette shares meaningful messages with her audience through her music, which is centered around the themes of weakness and struggles of humanity. She released her debut EP “All Our Achilles Heels” in 2017, and her second EP “Song For The Underdog” debuted earlier this year. Today, Annette shares the five songs that make up her life.

Credit – Annette Lee

Tell us your name, and how you’d introduce yourself to someone whom you’re meeting for the first time.

Hi, I’m Annette Lee and I’m a musician and actress. I also make comedy videos at SGAG, which is really fun. I also really like snacking, scrolling through memes, and watching movies.

What are the five tracks of your life?

I always find it so hard to narrow down my preferences so I’ll try! Haha. There are probably going to be some much older songs in here.

1. Michael Learns To Rock – Sleeping Child
2. Big Bang – Haru Haru
3. Switchfoot – Dare You To Move
4. Hillsong United – Highlands
5. Jordan Peterson: Interview with Clinical Psychologist, Million-Plus Selling Author

(In case the last one looks like an anomaly, I am a huge fan of Jordan Peterson and this is one of my favourite interviews with him, where he talks about creativity and entrepreneurship, both of which are topics that are very relevant to me)

Credit - Michael Learns To Rock
Credit - Big Bang
Credit - Switchfoot
Credit - Hillsong
Credit - Jordan Peterson

Why would you consider this playlist to be significant to you?

These are songs that have earmarked moments in my life that bring back fond memories or given me great inspiration or motivation.

Pick one track and tell me your fondest/most interesting memory of it.

‘Sleeping Child’ was a song my dad used to play on the cassette player for me at night as a lullaby throughout my childhood.

If I had asked you this question 10 years ago, what is the one track that your then-self would have picked as your favourite? 

It probably would’ve been Mumford & Son’s Little Lion Man! I was a huge fan of folk music back in 2010 so that probably would’ve been it haha.

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