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Social Distancing During COVID-19 Has Changed The Way We Stream On Spotify

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—if there were such thing as a ‘best’ time to experience a global pandemic, then it probably has to be now, especially with the current state of the internet. Thanks to the endless possibilities provided by the worldwide web, we have more than enough forms of entertainment to keep ourselves busy as we stay inside. And the most magnificent thing of it all? Streaming.

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Streaming has largely changed the way we consume media, gone are the days of having to rent or buy CDs, now that we have Netflix and discover new music daily with the innumerable amount of tunes on Spotify. If you didn’t know, Spotify is more than a one-stop-shop for music—it also has podcasts and expertly curated playlists to help you discover different genres that you otherwise would not even have thought about.

To cater to the increased streaming across a multitude of devices at home, Spotify has launched the At Home hub, the all-in-one destination for users to access when they’ve listened to I Will Survive on repeat way too many times.

Credit – Spotify

This hub consists of specially curated playlists by Spotify to cater to your different moods, and there’s a playlist to accompany you for your every possible need. From workout playlists to background music to help you stay focused as you work from home and a whole dinner genre to help you set the mood and escape reality just a bit with music you otherwise would hear while dining out at a restaurant.

The way we utilise Spotify in these times are fascinating, according to Spotify’s blog post, users are now listening to more news podcasts, presumably to keep up with the everchanging situation of COVID-19, and for parents to keep their children entertained, they’re streaming more kid-friendly music. There has also been an increase in collaborative playlists, allowing people to connect virtually with their love of music.

If you’re curious to know how exactly the COVID-19 situation has shaped the way we consume, head on to Spotify’s blog post here. What are your listening habits? Are you one to fully utilise the intuitive algorithms of Spotify? I’m genuinely curious to know!

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