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April Notes From the Editor — Diversity & Inclusivity Makes the World Go Round

By Zat

What a drag 2020 has been and how quickly life as we know it upends and descend into utter horror and chaos. For a year that’s supposed to usher in flying cars, and regular travels to space, 2020 has, thus far, been quite the Debby Downer. It’s also a bit like a persistent house ghost we can’t seem to exorcise. BOO! Everyone must work from home. BOO! Here’s a new cluster. BOO! Students will now have e-learning once a week. BOO! We’re not going into Dorscon Red, but all workplaces and schools will close.


As an editor for a publication on the forefront of all things hype, I have seen my fair share of shock and awe. But nothing has shaken me to my core more than the day when Malaysia closed off their borders to all outside visitors. We all had an inkling it would happen, but when it did, all I could think about were the Malaysian workers who traverse the Causeway daily for their keeps. Also, I worry for my barber who I visit fortnightly for grooming upkeep. If you’re reading this, Rejab, my thoughts are with you, and I hope you’re doing alright.

Allow me to put all this doom and gloom aside, because, editorially, life has to go on. And it must, if only to serve as entertainment fodder for you, our dear readers, who are now hungrily consuming content more than ever before.

It is, after all, the year 2020, and we ain’t got time for discrimination, am I right?

For April, we explore the topic of Diversity and Inclusivity. Diversity refers to traits and characteristics that make people unique while embracing Inclusivity means the acceptance of behaviours and social norms that ensure people feel welcome.

It is, after all, the year 2020, and we ain’t got time for discrimination, am I right? That is the behaviour of a generation who don’t know any better. We, on the other hand, are brought up in a world that prides itself on diversity hires, embracing the community of others, and sees gender not as definitive, but merely another marker of identity.

My team of writers explore the multi-faceted world of diversity and inclusivity through the lens of the unexpected. We also take a closer look at the various ways the Singapore government approaches a sensitive issue such as racial harmony and ask ourselves: Is it enough?

And, for the first time, we will be featuring actual Tik-Tokers from Singapore who are burning up the landscape of entertainment right below our Millenial noses. We set out to better understand their motivations and if they find middle-aged Editors like myself outdated for not knowing how to operate the app (it’s true).

Let’s tough out the ‘Rona together, dear readers. Stay in, make sure you practice social distancing, wear a mask if you’re ill AND on the way to the doctor, don’t shake hands (just a nod and a namaste will do), and have a schedule. A schedule makes the work-from-home situation much more bearable, trust and believe.

Stay safe.

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