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Clean Your Smartphones With Special Toilet Paper While Doing Your ‘Business’ At Narita Airport

When was the last time you cleaned your smartphone screen? Take a look at it now and you’ll probably find some fingerprints — and that’s just what you can see with the naked eye.

There are a lot more germs on that screen than you think. Possibly even five times more than on a toilet seat, says NTT Docomo, a mobile phone operator in Japan.

The good news is, they have thoughtfully provided a solution: tiny toilet paper just for your phone screen.

Placed next to the real toilet roll, it’s conveniently within reach for your use while you take care of your other business.

Simply fold up the paper and let the cleaning begin!

Docomo has designed it such that you can conveniently flush it down, without choking up the toilet bowl.

But, whoa, hold your horses! Before you happily toss it into the bowl, take a second look at the print.

Docomo knows that if you’re a tourist visiting Japan, it’s likely that you need WiFi access and perhaps a travel guide to go with it.

Helpful information to obtaining both are provided on the paper. When it comes to promoting their services, they sure are… on a roll.

These paper tissues are found at Narita International Airport and will only be available till 15 March 2017, which is a bit of a bummer, so do make a note to try them out when you’re visiting.

And don’t use it for the wrong purpose by accident!

Date: Until 15 March 2017

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