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Singapore Design Studio Releases Pokemon X Asian Medication Kit Pins On Kickstarter

With their first kickstarter project kicking off on a high, Singapore-based D.atlas Studio has created a new collection of medication-themed pokemon pins to add to your list of “cute but unnecessary” things to buy.

If you’ve always wanted to be a Pokemon trainer and collect those gym badges, this could be one step closer to your dream.

This time, their enamel pin collection is inspired by our well-known Asian medication such as ointments that the founders grew up with.

Think Axe Brand Oil, VapoRub and Peipakao but woven in together various Pokemon characters!

Credit – d.atlas studio

This Kickstarter campaign has a total of 11 different gold-plated enamel pin designs for you to choose from, however designs are unlocked  as rewards only after stretch goals are met.

Credit – d.atlas studio

All you have to do is pledge at least S$14 or more to the Kickstarter for an enamel pin or sticker. As the amount increases, more pin designs from the collection will be unlocked and you’ll be eligible to a wider variety of choices each time.

Credit – d.atlas studio

The current pins unlocked are: Pikagao, Ekans Powder, Vaporeon Rub, Zam-bat, Oddish Oil, Exploding Pill, Happi Oil, Arcanine Balm and Mopika.

Credit – d.atlas studio

With a pledge range of S$10 to S$42, you’ll be able to get additional pins, stickers and keyring charms depending on the bundle.

Once you pledge four pins and above, you’ll be entitled to a free Ditto Dettol enamel pin; not from the unlocked pin range.

Pins will only be charged if the Kickstarter project has successfully met its campaign goal. Their estimated delivery will be in October 2019.

The campaign ends on 5th September, so go #pledgeyourpokemonpin now!

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