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All Ears For Sanrio’s Hello Kitty Ear Twitching Hat Series – Available In Japan From 21 August

If you’re sick and tired of old knitted beanies when you’re on holiday, why not invest in a cuter, trendier fashion statement that’ll keep your ears warm as well?

Credit – Sanrio Japan

The new Sanrio Hello Kitty hat series is a soft, snuggly cap fashioned to look like one of the six Hello Kitty characters. The best part? It comes with ears that twitch when you pull on the hat’s ‘tails’.

The six characters available are Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll, Pochaccho and Kuromi.

Credit – Sanrio Japan

Each hat has two trailing fabric piece that can either double up as a scarf or you can tie around your chin like a ribbon.

Credit – Sanrio Japan

Tug on these ‘tails’ and the floppy ears on top of your hat will suddenly come to life and stand upright!

The longer and more prominent the ears, the more dynamic ear movements it’ll be.

Each hat is retailing for JPY 2052 (approximately S$27) and can be bought through Sanrio stores or online through the Sanrio website after 21 August 2019.

You’re definitely all ears now!

Sanrio Hello Kitty Hats | Website

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