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Submit Entries To These 3 Categories Of The Singapore International Photography Festival Till 31 Mar

Once every two years, the Singapore International Photography Festival returns with an Open Call for photographers, curators and publishers from all kinds of genres, and all nationalities to be a part of the festival.

In its 10-year milestone, the festival aims to expand the reach of art photography and uncover new talents in the photography world; this time with an even greater diversity in photography from Southeast Asia and the World.

The 2018 edition consists of three categories: Portfolio, Curatorial Projects, and Photobooks (the newest edition).

1. Portfolio (Photo Works)

The Portfolio category has no theme. Instead, it looks into the preoccupations of the participants, the works they choose to create, and the issues and subjects that give a different perspective of the world.

Unleash your creativity and enter into uncharted waters as you push your photography skills past greater limits.

Deadline: 31 March 2018

Price: USD30 (approx. S$21.10)

Singapore International Photography Festival: Portfolio | Website

2. Curatorial Projects

The Curatorial Projects category started in 2014 to promote curatorial practice amongst emerging and independent curators within the medium of photography in Asia.

The fifth edition in 2016 of the Open Call showcased a project by Carol Chow, a lecturer and researcher at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her project explored the vanishing spaces in Hong Kong as documented by six female photographers in the exhibition, titled “A Room with a View”.

What will yours be?

Deadline: 31 March 2018

Price: USD50 (approx. S$66)

Singapore International Photography Festival: Curatorial Projects | Website

3. Photobooks (New!)

Growing interest in photobooks worldwide has created a new way for showcasing photography and sharing stories in Asia.

The new category for Photobooks hopes to inspire a bigger creative exchange by curating a collection of the creative photographs from all over the world, which will be displayed in one exhibition.

Deadline: 31 March 2018

Price: USD30 (approx. S$21.10)

Singapore International Photography Festival: Photobook | Website

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Open call to enter the festival has started from now until 31 March 2018, and selected works will be exhibited in Singapore.
If you feel that you are ready to take the stage and bring your photography to a new level, sign up and register for the Singapore International Photography Festival!
Dates: Until 31 March 2018

Prices: Portfolio (USD30, approx. S$21.10), Curatorial Projects (USD50, approx. S$66), and Photobook  (USD30, approx. S$21.10)

6th Edition Open Call To Singapore International Photography Festival: Website | Facebook

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