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Alvin Ng

My photography journey started as a hobby back in early 2008 and it’s forte is in documentary photography. My view towards design is that its a powerful set of skills that can enhance and mature creatve compositon towards photography and the portrayal of project outcomes. In the context of photography, I believes that the humanity of the moment, and being able to capture it, is to me, the most organic form of communicaton between another person

Conversations With Project X Volunteers On Why They Aid Sex Workers In Singapore

Sex workers form one of the most marginalised and discriminated communities in Singapore. They are criminalised by the law and…

3 years ago

The World’s A Stage: A Peek Into The Professional Wrestling Scene In Singapore

The bell rang thrice, a signal that the match had officially begun, and the crowd roared with great fervour in…

3 years ago

A Step Back In Time: Is This The End Of Malay Barbers In Singapore?

I don't really have a distinct memory of a particular moment in a barbershop during my childhood. I can only…

3 years ago

Yew Chye Religious Goods Trading: The Dying Trade Of Papermaking For The Dead In Singapore

It’s quiet. The old housing estates loom silently under an overcast sky, their corridors devoid of movement and activity. The…

2 years ago

This Barbershop In Yishun Gives You A Haircut & Sometimes Even A Musical Performance

What a world we live in today. We wake up to a brand new day only to rush off to…

3 years ago

Learn The Art Of Shooting & Developing Analog Film Negatives At DECK On 24 Feb

Learn the beautiful art of photographing and developing your very own film roll with a step-by-step workshop on Shooting and…

3 years ago

Have Tea In The Middle Of A Bamboo Maze At National Gallery Singapore Till 7 Oct

You might have seen this installation at the top of National Gallery Singapore and may have thought to yourself that it's…

3 years ago

Create Ceramics Using Even The Most Basic Soil At This Workshop At SPRMRKT On 10 Feb

Did you know that you can actually use soil from almost anywhere — even the one from the patch of…

3 years ago

Meet Mr Steven Tan, The Collector Of A Thousand Bird Cups & Vases In Singapore

Have you seen uncles around the neighbourhood with songbirds in intricate birdcages? Well, what about an uncle who has a…

2 years ago

Fall In Love Again With The Classic 1996 ‘Romeo + Juliet’ At Canvas On 12 Feb & 5 Mar

Relive the 1996 romantic drama adaption of William Shakespeare's ‘Romeo + Juliet’, retold by director Baz Luhrmann starring a young…

4 years ago

Submit Entries To These 3 Categories Of The Singapore International Photography Festival Till 31 Mar

Once every two years, the Singapore International Photography Festival returns with an Open Call for photographers, curators and publishers from all kinds…

4 years ago

The Journey Of Our Seafood: A Look Into Singapore’s Ageing Fishery Port In Jurong

As I began my quest to search for and celebrate unsung workers in lesser-known industries, I was drawn towards the…

2 years ago

8 Installations Set To Dazzle You At The Light To Night Festival 2018 Till 28 Jan

This year’s edition of the Light to Night Festival is a massive expansion of an anniversary event by National Gallery Singapore,…

2 years ago

Grab A Drink & Watch The Dunkirk Evacuation At Canvas On 29 Jan & 19 Mar

Enjoy Christopher Nolan’s epic blockbuster movie Dunkirk once again, as Pop Up Cinema continues into 2018 with screenings on 29…

4 years ago

Witness The Shocking State Of Pollution In Our Oceans In This Documentary At The Projector On 25 Jan

Discover how dirty our oceans really are in this adventure documentary titled 'A Plastic Ocean', directed by journalist Craig Leeson,…

4 years ago

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