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8 Singapore-Inspired Secret Santa Gifts Under $20 That Don’t Suck (2019)

As the year comes to an end, your calendar starts filling up with countless events and parties to attend. Your colleagues are planning to hold a Christmas party in the office or maybe, you’re planning a reunion with your friends whom you haven’t seen in a while because, you know, adulting

There are probably even plans to host a round of Secret Santa, and you groan in sheer agony because, as always, you’re not sure what to get them. People will eventually get tired of the same old boring body soap and lotion hampers. I get it. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of affordable and cute gifts for your Secret Santa duties, all with a Singaporean twist. The best part? They’re all are under $20. Here’s to hoping your Christmas present shopping will be less painful this year. 

1. Curry Puff Pouch by Nom & Co.

You just wouldn’t be able to resist this cute and functional curry puff pouch—it’s the perfect size for your coins, receipts, and knick-knacks. Let this mini satchel make you crave a curry puff (or two!) whenever you dig into your bag. 

Price: S$10.90 for 1 │S$20.00 for 2

Get the Curry Puff Pouch from THE FARM STORE here. 

2. The New Singlish Perpetual Calendar by Red Republic

Traditionally, the Lunar Calendar serves as a symbolic guide for the Singaporean Chinese community for local rituals and auspicious dates. With this version, you get a Singlish, modern, non-spiritual take on this archaic item. Confirm plus chop safe to give to any friend. 

Price: S$19.90 for 1 | S$54 for 3 

Get The New Singlish Perpetual Calendar also from The Farm Store here. 

3. Kopitiam Cup Drinks Earrings

Some like their coffee gao. Others like it siew dai. But do you know anyone who likes their coffee dangling on their ears by any chance? If so, these Kopitiam Cup Drinks Earrings are perfect for them. With these little treats, they’ll always be carrying their morning coffee with them wherever they go. However, Klay’s items are only available on online retail platforms like Carousell and Etsy for now, but do keep an eye out for the brand’s pop-ups at flea markets around town.

Price: S$16.80

Get the Kopitiam Cup Drinks Earrings from Klay here.

4. Png Kueh Girl Brooch Set (Set of 2)

This adorable handmade brooch set features Png Kueh Girl and her yummy sidekick Png Ku Kueh. Png Ku Kueh represents blessings for good luck and longevity. Have fun pinning the two of them on your bag, top or even a hat. 

Price: S$12

Get your Png Kueh Girl Brooch Set (Set of 2) here at Ang Ku Kueh Girl.

5. Pineapple Tart Ring

Let these faux bite-sized pastries of delicious pineapple filling adorn your fingers with its bright, yellow tones. These look so life-like you just might bite into them. Well, at least you can enjoy the sight of the delicacy without all the calories. Save that for Chinese New Year.

Price: S$18

Get the Pineapple Tart Ring here at Miniature Asian Chef

6. Ceramic Mug Kopi & Teh

Whether kept in the office or stored away at home, enjoy coffee prints on your coffee mug with this coffee-ception inducing cup. And the best part? If you can’t decide what to order, just look at your mug. 

Price: S$19.90

Get your Ceramic Mug Kopi & Teh here at The Little Drom Store.

7. Kopi Dabao Bag

The classic Singapore Kopitiam da bao bag is a definite must-have for caffeine-lovers. Even if coffee and tea aren’t up your alley, surely Milo or Bandung does the trick. Each bag even comes with detachable pink and green straps and a super authentic dabao straw. Cheers!

Price: S$19.90

Get your Kopi Dabao Bag here at WhenIWasFour.

8. Eat Makan Blue Red Tote Bag

It’s no secret that eating is every Singaporean’s favourite past time. What better way to showcase our favourite hobby than to have it printed on our bag? It’s the perfect size to carry all your accessories too. The word ‘eat’ is printed in all of Singapore’s official languages, English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil, and there’s no more unifying way of representing diversity than with food! 

Price: S$19.90

Get your Eat Makan Blue Red Tote Bag here at Naiise.

That’s all to my list for now. If you know any other great items that would make fantastic Secret Santa gifts, let me know!

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