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Some Bags Are Worth Melting For, Like This Zara X Frozen Backpack Featuring Olaf

Do you wanna build a snowman? Well, technically you don’t have to. Zara‘s already done that for you. In light of Frozen‘s sequel, Zara has recreated everyone’s favourite snowman pal into this wearable Olaf Backpack.

The backpack features a main compartment with zip closure, a handle and adjustable back straps.

He was Anna’s trusty sidekick in the franchise, why not make him yours too? And frankly, we could all use some of Olaf’s positivity and cheer every now and then.

Whether it’s for a friend, your kid or yourself, we ain’t judging. Like Walt Disney said, “adults are only kids grown up, anyway”.

Go ahead, give him an embrace. After all, he likes warm hugs.

Date: Dropping soon 
Price: S$45.90

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