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Hope You Can Bear How Cute This New SPAO X We Bare Bears Makeup Collection Is

Join the three bear bros Grizz, Pan Pan & Ice Bear on their quest for adventure in SPAO‘s latest We Bare Bear Makeup & Skin Care line. Last year, we were all treated to a clothing line collection by SPAO, popular Korean fashion label, of our favourite furry friends. However, they have something special in store for us ladies this year—a brand new makeup collection.

For those who know me, they’ll know that I own way too many We Bare Bear merchandises than I should, but I ain’t letting that stop me, so neither should you.

Get your paws- I mean, hands-on these Paw Hand Creams (KR₩5,900 ea, approx. S$6.87 ea) that look almost too adorable to use! My favourite part is the rubber paw grip at the bottom to snugly secure your product. *Bears sold separately.

Who cares if you already have lip tints to last you a lifetime, but are they We Bare Bear ones? Didn’t think so. These baby bear motifs atop the Velvet Lip Tints (KR₩9,900 ea, approx. S$11.52 ea) are surely too cute to resist.

Being the unashamed, unabashed Grizz fan that I am, I’d naturally make a beeline for this Grizzly Moist Lip Balm (KR₩6,900, approx. S$8.03). Gotta keep them lips hydrated.

Ever watched a Korean commercial and thought to yourself, “What are thooose?”. Well, you’re not alone. It was only recently when I attained epiphany regarding this wacky-looking band. These headbands (KR₩9,900 ea, approx. S$11.52 ea) are apparently supposed to help keep your hair out of the way when you wash your face or brush your teeth over the sink. Hm, who knew.

More than that, this collection boasts more offerings such as the I’m Bear Face Mask, (KR₩3,900 per sheet, approx. S$4.54 per sheet), Hello Bears Cheek & Touch Brush (KR₩8,900, approx. S$10.36), Lovely Face Cushion (KR₩15,900, approx. S$18.51) and the Pom Pom Pouch (KR₩9,900, approx. S$11.52). 

I don’t know about you, but it’s time for me to hunt down my friends who’re in Korea right now!

Prices: From KR₩3,900 (approx. S$4.54) onwards

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