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This Guy Re-Imagines Landmarks Around Singapore As Colours In The Pantone Chart

I’m sure you’ve heard of Pantone, or seen some of the paint swatch sheets when deciding what colour to paint your room.

Photographer Jonathan Tan embarked on an experimental project to re-imagine spots around Singapore in terms of the Pantone colour chart, and it went viral on Facebook for his unique perspective that’s as fresh as a new coat of paint.

Jonathan takes pictures of iconic Singaporean landmarks such as the dragon playground in Toa Payoh and the shophouses in Joo Chiat, and uses their prominent colours to create colour swatches.

His style of photography here is very unique. You see, when it comes to the landscape of Singaporean Instagrammers, you’ll find that many of them take on a similar style, drawing inspiration from mainstream aesthetics such as the go-to VSCO cam filters.

When asked what he does to get inspiration to produce something so different from the mainstream, Jonathan said, “For me, the best way to get my creative juices flowing is to just observe the sights around. There are many beautiful things around us, even in Singapore, waiting for us to just capture them.”

He believes that the best kind of photos are those that portray a different type of perspective, which makes them unique. He also gets his creative juices flowing through creative sites like DesignTAXI and Instagrammers such as @aikbengchia.

If you fill your mind with many sources of creative inspiration, creating original and unique work becomes easier. Make sure you follow Jonathan at @jontannn, and maybe also check out our list of articles on ‘Insta-worthy’ spots in Singapore, for more inspiration.

Singapore Pantone: Facebook | Website

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