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WeBarre: Make Sure Your Summer Bod Is En Pointe With This Ballet-Inspired Workout In Singapore

Ballet-inspired barre workouts have been around for some time, and are a huge hit, especially in Hollywood. Fortunately for those in Singapore, we can also barre at WeBarre!

I’m sure some of us regret not putting up with ridiculous tutus and sticking out ballet classes. Fast forward 15 years, and we watch in awe and envy as those who continued, are now the embodiment of graceful beauty and executing perfect pirouettes to thunderous applause.

Well, while we might be (extremely) far away from doing a perfect pirouette, that gorgeous sculpted Misty Copeland-esque ballerina bod might be more achievable now. And this time, we don’t even have to wear tutus.

Singapore’s First Boutique Barre Studio

Founded by two gutsy ladies, Anabel and Linda, WeBarre offers a specially-curated form of barre.

Conceptualised by Master Trainer Rachael Fraser and both founders, all of them are part of the team of instructors, so you can be sure they know what they’re doing.

If you think dance-experienced, ballet-trained instructors allow you a relaxing stretch without breaking a sweat, think again. Marrying ballet techniques, pilates, yoga and strength training, the barre workouts are designed to give you a highly intense 60-minute session.

Don’t freak out yet though — there’s a class for every level to suit your needs, and if you need to take it easy, go ahead.

Suiting everyone’s needs also means offering pre-natal barre classes, led by instructors who are specially trained to conduct barre workouts tailored for pregnant women. Soon-to-be moms often worry about not getting adequate and safe exercise, and WeBarre hopes to put all those concerns to rest.

Convenient Location

WeBarre has been doing so well since it opened that it recently just welcomed another studio in Telok Ayer this 2017. Still standing though, is the first studio on Tanjong Pagar Road. This outlet has two separate studio rooms, both with large wall to wall mirrors.

Step into a beautiful space with gorgeous flooring, large windows and lots of natural light. Savour this moment of calm and relaxation, because you’ll be spending the next hour getting comfortable with being uncomfortable!

What To Expect Of The Workout

Now I wasn’t about to tell you all about this place without having actually been there myself. So I grabbed a spot and proceeded to get the workout of my life. I exaggerate.

But honestly, weights, yoga and 10KM runs did nothing to prepare me for this barre class. Stamina eluded me, just when I needed it most.

Your inner-outer thighs, calves, abs, and all the muscles in your body that you didn’t even know existed get put to the test. If you’ve been doing squats to get that Kim Kardashian butt, trust me, your gluteus maximus is going to be pretty maximus now.

It helps if there are movements you are familiar with, although you can come without any prior experience. If you know a bit of yoga, you’ll find some incorporated in your classes and it might be a little easier for you to follow.

One of the many things I liked is the combination of movement and static poses. This basically keeps your muscles constantly working so you get the most out of your workout.

Also, because there is a maximum number of participants each class can cater to, instructors are particularly attentive to each person. Going around making careful adjustments, they always ensure that you don’t lose form, even when you’re tired.

Classes are altogether well-led, energetic, with clear instructions. And if a shower can’t wait, the shower room is small but adequate. If you’re on your way out already, get yourself some nice chilled coconut water waiting for you at reception – it’s on the house!

Book A Spot Early

Classes are kept small, so bookings for each spot need to be made way in advance. That means, be prepared to book at least a week ahead. I would also definitely suggest coming early to reserve a spot in the room. It does have a tendency to get pretty packed, especially if you’re joining the after-work crowd.

En Avant into a WeBarre class – there’s nothing quite like trying out something new and non-alcoholic to get rid of that work stress!

Prices: $38 to $40 (Single Classes), $49 (One-week trial) & Other Packages

WeBarre Tanjong Pagar: 86B Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088507, WeBarre TelokAyer: 5A Stanley Street Singapore 068724 | Opening Hours: 7.15am – 9pm | Tel: +65 6221 5539 /+65 6221 9256 | Website | Facebook

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