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Science Centre Singapore: A Scientific Institute For All Ages

I don’t know about you, but the last time I went to Science Centre Singapore was when I was in primary school. For this assignment, I decided to head back to the Science Centre to reminisce on my childhood days, sharing what I see now as an adult.

What’s the purpose of the Science centre you ask? Basically it exists to educate the masses and illustrate the principles and powers of science and technology in everyday life.

Several revamps have happened since its beginnings in the 1970s. Back when I visited as a student, there was an illusion/painting of former Singapore President SR Nathan that seemed to “move” and play tricks with your eyes. Times have changed and its since been replaced.

At least Albert Einstein is still hanging for his life.

For this Science Centre visit, I covered three exhibitions: Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic! A Mirror Maze Experience, Phobias: The Science of Fear, and Dino Quest. The exhibitions are periodically replaced to introduce new experiences.

Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic! A Mirror Maze Experience

The first exhibition I went to was Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic! A Mirror Maze Experience. Featuring 105 mirror cells and several interactive exhibits, this is the largest mirror maze in Asia.

As opposed to using your hands, each person is given a foam noodle to help them navigate through the mirror maze. I just kept swinging the foam noodle to avoid banging into a mirror or some poor, innocent child.

It took about 15 minutes to find my way out of the maze (there were several dead ends). Of course, it was super confusing with the lights and the colours and mirrors. At one point I talked to my colleague’s reflection and not the real her so that was… embarassing.


Overall, Mirror Maze was fun and we got some good laughs from it!

Phobia: The Science of Fear

The second exhibition was one I was low-key dreading, because I knew there was going to be something clown-related. But hey, its not like this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Thank freakin’ goodness.

Phobia: The Science of Fear is Asia’s first phobia themed exhibition where guests can learn more about the psychology, physiology and culture of fear.

Throughout this exhibition, different types of fears are explained, like taphophobia (fear of being buried alive), coulrophobia (fear of clowns), arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and many more.

At one point we had to walk through this narrow passage with spikes (just like in horror movies). One child behind us refused to go in and honestly I can’t blame her because without flashlights this passage was really dark.

As a whole, this exhibit was pretty interesting and informative. It was definitely interesting to see and read about the different types of fears that people have.


Finally, we visited DinoQuest– where guests can travel waaay back to the Cretaceous period to encounter the Australian polar dinosaurs.

Curated by widely acclaimed scientist Emerita Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich, DinoQuest is a gamification creation that mixes the most recent media innovation, from holographic mapping to increased and augmented reality conditions, with sensational fossil presentations and antiquated backgrounds, be shipped into a long terminated world.

This exhibition has seven themed zones in total will only be open until 31 August 2019. Through this multi-sensory expedition, you can discover your own dinosaur fossil. By the end of it, you’ll have a fossil named after you!

Guests will have to register their tags before embarking on the Dino Quest.

Before entering, we were each given a tag and a flashlight. You’ll need to scan your tags at each stage of the exhibition.

Discover how various fields of science work together to discover a genuine dinosaur through this visit.

As mentioned, at the end of the exhibition you’ll get a fossil named after you.

… I got this :’)

At the end of Dino Quest, guests can take part in some arts and crafts to create more fossil memories.

Overall, it was great going back and reminiscing on all the things that fascinated me as a kid. You should definitely consider visiting Science Centre with your friends, especially now when they have such interesting exhibitions.

Ticket Prices: From S$12.60 via Klook

Getting There

Nearest MRT station: Jurong East Station (take bus 66 or 335 from Jurong East bus interchange)

Science Centre Singapore: 15 Science Centre Road Singapore 609081 | Website | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

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