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Light Up Your Life With A Korean Printed Face Candle For Only S$11

I have a burning issue.

I walk into Bath & Body Works and buy wayyyy too many candles for my own good. If you thought their packaging suits your room aesthetic, you’ll definitely think this new gift idea is well… lit.

Credit – IDUS

Available on South Korean handcrafted marketplace IDUS, the face candle is one that you might want to consider adding to your growing collection of useless trinkets.

Credit – IDUS

The 100-gram candle can be created to resemble your face (or if you’d like it as a gift, your friend’s). All you have to do is send photos of you or your friends to seller @septuple on the IDUS website then, wait for your personalised candle to arrive.

Your eyebrows, eyes and mouth on a candle – how much more narcissistic can you get?

Credit – IDUS

These customisable candles are available in a variety of scents – black cherry, lemon sherbert, ylang-ylang and lily bamboo to name a few.

The face candle retails for 9900 KRW (approximately S$11) on the IDUS website, definitely a whole lot cheaper than the average candle. Currently, sales have paused as the seller is moving and will resume on the 21st of August 2019.

It’s an especially wick-ed gift idea if you’re a clingy friend. Your friend can have you by her side all the time and you’ll never smell bad either. Or it could be completely useless – who knows.

Face Candle: Website

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