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| On 1 year ago

China Releases Full-Body Facekinis To Protect You From Sunburn

On days when I actually find the time to go to the beach and absorb the sun, I’m always at least with one friend who is slathering half a bottle of sunscreen on herself.

If I had known the facekini existed, I’d have asked her to just put it on and save her the trouble. Think about it. It’s like you’re putting basting yourself in grease every few hours to sit in an oven (the sun).

The China city of Qingdao is home to the facekini; a mask designed for beachgoers and swimmers that covers everything except your eyes, nose and mouth.

Credit – Twitter.com/Matthijs85

To avoid looking like you’re about to walk right off the beach straight to burgle someone’s house, facekini inventor, Zhang Shifan released new facekini designs inspired by China’s global trade and infrastructure plan.

Credit – Twitter.com/swishsportsUK

There are six new designs, some inspired by parts of the Western regions of China and the Silk Road.

Each facekini has patterns created by traditional Chinese oil painters. Highlights are painted on the patterns to emphasise a three-dimensional effect.

Credit – Twitter.com/VisitQingdao

The revamped collection also features a snake and tiger design to promote awareness for endangered animals.

The facekini is currently China’s popular and practical trend. Not only does it protect your whole body from sunburn but jellyfish stings as well. On top of that, it’s relatively cheap – approximately S$2 to $4.

Who knows? I mean, it could be the sea-sun for facekinis.

The facekini is available for purchase online at AliExpress.

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