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New anatomical Sanrio toys make dissection an adorable affair

When you think of anatomical figures, they are usually not the prettiest things in the world. After all, who gushes over an anatomically correct stomach or gall bladder—they are just not fun, useful as they are. Well, enter these new Megahouse KAITAI Fantasy Sanrio toys.


These toys feature some of Sanrio’s beloved characters where you can take them apart, guts and all. A little grisly for sure, but trust Megahouse to keep up with the cuteness.

In MegaHouse’s second Sanrio KAITAI Fantasy range, it features Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Kuromi and My Melody in all their vivisection-ed adorableness.


You can display these figurines just with just their skeleton or even inside out. These toys definitely take a cue from Jason Frenly whose work often consists of cross-sections of pop-culture figurines. While his work is a little macabre, these Sanrio figurines will quickly find their way onto my shelf.

For now, these anatomy Cinnamorolls and Pompompurins are sold out online but keep your eyes peeled at your local toy store.

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