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| On 1 year ago

Short Film ‘$Alary Day’ Offers a Glimpse Into Daily Lives of S’pore Migrant Workers — Available Now Online

Sometimes silence speaks volumes, and that’s precisely what this film did.

$alary Day is a short film that captures and depicts a day in the life of a migrant worker in Singapore. The film features minimal dialogue but the message is strong. They bring attention to details that may seem mundane to the untrained eye and display the struggles that the migrant workers here in Singapore undergo due to their strenuous work schedules and low wages.

The short film was directed and performed by R. Madhavan, who hails from Tamil Nadu, India. This is the first collaborative film between migrant workers and Singaporeans. It’s unique as it offers an insightful experience by addressing the themes of migration and family while shining light on the hidden stories behind a simple livelihood.

Credit-Zero Costs Production

The fact that it’s produced by a migrant worker gives it an authentic and true to heart take on these issues. Its simplicity and raw nature evoke a mix of emotions onto viewers as it prompts us to question the daily privileges that we subconsciously enjoy.

The film is only 12 minutes long so I’m sure you can set aside some time to watch it and open your eyes to the lives of these migrant workers that we so often see around us but know very little about.

‘$alary Day’ By Zero Costs Production | Website | Facebook

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